Faye’s First Halloween

baby skeleton feet

This will be Faye’s first Halloween and because I missed the boat on the commemorative hand and foot prints when she was a newborn, I figured I would capture them now! I needed something to record how huge her feet are! She’s outgrown all of her size 3 shoes (not that she could wear them anyway) and she’s only 6 months. Good lord!

For this project, I used a piece of scrap wood I had floating around the house and then painted it with chalkboard paint. I used white paint for her foot prints and then used just one of her hands to make the skull. The original plan was to just get the circle  and use her fingers for the skull teeth, but her thumb got caught and it ended up looking pretty cute!  Then I drew over the white paint with a sharpie. Voila! Not too crazy! I did use a light pencil first when planning my design, just so I didn’t destroy what I already had. After I did the chalk lettering I sprayed it with a fixatif and put it on display!


Let's Go SunningI’m alive! It’s been so long since I’ve had the energy to write. Being a new mother is not without it’s difficulties, but my little precious makes it all so worth it (I’m obsessed with her). We’ve had an eventful summer, we’ve road tripped to Disneyland, toured the city, picnicked all over the Bay Area, made friends, cried a lot (her, because she’s a baby, me, because I am hormonal), and spent a good amount of time cuddling in jammies and watching Orange is the New Black while breastfeeding (Mother of the Year Award).

In the past few months we have spent a good deal of time trying out new routines and getting to know each other. I feel like every day is a new adventure. I am by no means an expert at mothering, nor to I expect I ever will be. But if there is one piece of advice I would have loved to give to my pregnant self it’s this:

You don’t have to have it all figured out, and it’s okay if you never do. All you can do is your best.

When I was pregnant, I did so much research and had so many expectations of how motherhood would be. I read so much on every subject I possibly could to try to prepare myself to be the perfect parent.  If I could go back in time I would cut myself some slack. It seems that every thing I thought I would do (or not do) as a parent, didn’t even matter. I was determined to be a discreet breastfeeder (nope), to have the baby sleep in her crib (psssht), and to eventually work my way to cloth diapering (HA!). If I could go back, I would tell myself to put down the books and the phone and just go with the flow. Be a present parent and read the needs of your baby, because it will make life a while lot easier.

I would also tell myself to work out my arms a while lot more.

(Photo by Stephen Del Valle)

My First Mother’s Day

My First Mother's Day/ Let's Go Sunning

In two weeks I had a baby, turned 29 and had my first mother’s day! So much fun! We visited with family and friends for Mother’s Day and for my birthday I was treated to a glorious facial, dinner and my first glass of wine in 9+ months. I was a little disappointed that the wine left me with that heavy tired feeling and not that fun slightly buzzed feeling, but you can’t win ’em all!

Fun fact: It’s taken me three days just to write three sentences.

I’m slowly getting the hang of this parenting thing, but in the meantime I’m going to be taking a bit of a break. Not long. Just a few weeks so I can enjoy motherhood and catch up on some zzz’s. I hope everyone is doing well and I will keep you updated. :)

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