Let's Go SunningI’m alive! It’s been so long since I’ve had the energy to write. Being a new mother is not without it’s difficulties, but my little precious makes it all so worth it (I’m obsessed with her). We’ve had an eventful summer, we’ve road tripped to Disneyland, toured the city, picnicked all over the Bay Area, made friends, cried a lot (her, because she’s a baby, me, because I am hormonal), and spent a good amount of time cuddling in jammies and watching Orange is the New Black while breastfeeding (Mother of the Year Award).

In the past few months we have spent a good deal of time trying out new routines and getting to know each other. I feel like every day is a new adventure. I am by no means an expert at mothering, nor to I expect I ever will be. But if there is one piece of advice I would have loved to give to my pregnant self it’s this:

You don’t have to have it all figured out, and it’s okay if you never do. All you can do is your best.

When I was pregnant, I did so much research and had so many expectations of how motherhood would be. I read so much on every subject I possibly could to try to prepare myself to be the perfect parent.  If I could go back in time I would cut myself some slack. It seems that every thing I thought I would do (or not do) as a parent, didn’t even matter. I was determined to be a discreet breastfeeder (nope), to have the baby sleep in her crib (psssht), and to eventually work my way to cloth diapering (HA!). If I could go back, I would tell myself to put down the books and the phone and just go with the flow. Be a present parent and read the needs of your baby, because it will make life a while lot easier.

I would also tell myself to work out my arms a while lot more.

(Photo by Stephen Del Valle)

My First Mother’s Day

My First Mother's Day/ Let's Go Sunning

In two weeks I had a baby, turned 29 and had my first mother’s day! So much fun! We visited with family and friends for Mother’s Day and for my birthday I was treated to a glorious facial, dinner and my first glass of wine in 9+ months. I was a little disappointed that the wine left me with that heavy tired feeling and not that fun slightly buzzed feeling, but you can’t win ‘em all!

Fun fact: It’s taken me three days just to write three sentences.

I’m slowly getting the hang of this parenting thing, but in the meantime I’m going to be taking a bit of a break. Not long. Just a few weeks so I can enjoy motherhood and catch up on some zzz’s. I hope everyone is doing well and I will keep you updated. :)

Faye Leilani

Faye Lailani/ Let's Go Sunning

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. My baby girl finally arrived and I couldn’t be more smitten. This past week has been full of snuggle time and a few sleepless nights, though it has gotten better throughout the week.

I’m a little apprehensive to share her full birth story. It was an unusual few days and I am so lucky that I had such a healthy little girl, but I will share a few elements.

I intended to have an all natural birth. I dabbled in Hypnobirthing and did all my research, but after 24 hours of contractions, I caved and got an epidural. Best decision ever. After getting admitted (at around midnight), I was told she’d be a 6.5 pounds and be here before noon. Noon came and went and at 8pm when I was finally ready to start pushing I pushed for an hour before anyone realized she was sunny side up. They tried to push her back up there and turn her around (tmi?) and after another hour and a half of pushing with no result, I was wheeled over to the OR for a C-section. She was finally born at 10:57 on April 26th weighing 9 pounds (I do remember the doctors saying “That’s no 6 pound baby!” as they pulled her out).

It was not the birth I planned or expected, but I have a (very) healthy baby girl to show for it. And if I could do it over again, I would not have been so concerned about having my perfect non-medicated birth and prepared myself for all options. Though, I like to think I had a sampler platter of birthing experiences, so next time I feel like I could handle just about anything.

9 Kid Friendly Artists

When searching for art for above the baby’s crib, I was super disheartened to find a lot of the art for kids out there is hokey. I am sharing a bedroom with her when she gets here and there is no way in hell I am going to wake up every morning to something like this. So, I thought I’d share some of the artists that I found on my search that have quite a few options when it comes to kid friendly art to hang in your nursery.



Small Adventure 

This shop is full of adorable prints that reflect the spirit of the outdoors.  I love both their animal prints and their Backpacking and Canoeing prints. Perfect for the nature inspired nursery.


Rosie Harbottle

I love Rosie Harbottle’s style. It’s sweet, with calming tones, all without being to “baby-ish.” It would be a great addition to any nursery.


Nan Lawson

It’s no secret, I’m a huge Nan Lawson fan. For the geeky mom’s and dad’s out there, one of her prints is a must! She has adorable portraits ranging from Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, to Wes Anderson films.

Quill and Fox

Quill and Fox have a bunch of great stuff in their store. Amazing cards, journals and notepads, just to name a few, but I love their art prints. They are perfectly whimsical and adorable.



Small Talk Studio

I love the collection charts from this shop and you can’t go wrong with a print of a sprinkle donut riding a unicorn under a rainbow. Too amazing. 

Yellow Button Studio

Great copy based prints. My favorite is the one above and You Are My Sunshine.

Greg Abbott

I love all of Greg Abbott’s prints! They are fun and have a real retro feel to them. AND he has so many to choose from!

Teagan White

I love Teagan White! Her colors and whimsical style always get me! Her fabrics are amazing (I used one design for my DIY crib sheets) and her prints even more so. Love all round!



I really like these abstract prints for a nursery. You can mix and match with great results and it can grow with baby or be used in another room later.

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