DIY: Easy Jute Clutch

I thought this jute envelope clutch would be a nice summer accessory! Not to mention it was ridiculously easy to make! It took a few episodes of True Blood (I hand sewed it) and two dollars.

What you’ll need:

Half yard of jute

Half yard of fabric to line (I used an old t-shirt)


Needle and thread

Paint and a paintbrush

Step One: Figure out what size you want your clutch to be. I used a piece of paper to measure. Triple the length of the clutch cut accordingly. You should now have one long piece of jute and a matching lining piece.

Step Two: Pin your edges together leaving the top free. Sew the edges of the jute and lining together and turn inside out.

Step 3: Fold your fabric to form your clutch (use your piece of paper if you need to). Leave some room at the top to fold over. Sew the edges to create a nice pouch.

Step 4: Cut your top section into a triangle (or whatever shave you’d like).

Step 5: Sew the edges together and your clutch is complete.

Step 6: If you are so inclined, decorate as you please. I used tape to create a chevron pattern and painted over it with white.

Step 7: Pull the tape off and you have yourself a super simple envelope clutch.

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