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Protecting Your Hair From Summer: 5 Essential Tips for Healthy Beach Hair

I don’t know about everyone else, but my hair at the beach is tragic. It gets matted and frizzy at the same time. Is that possible? Yes. Yes it is.

For all of you in the same boat. Here are my top 5 tips that have helped me get my hair under control.

1. Braid your hair. Nothing crazy, just a simple braid that you can recreate easily. I have tried cute sassy braids and a few powerful waves will leave you wishing you could restyle and the last thing you want to do at the beach all day is fuss with your hair.

2. Wear a hat. This is especially important when protecting hair color. It’s easy and if your hair looks horrible, just shove it the hat and no one will be the wiser.

3. Use a wide tooth comb. One of the biggest mistakes I see when at the beach is people that bring brushes or fine tooth combs. Not only is a wide tooth comb much less painful, it’s less damaging to your hair and takes up less space in your bag.

4. Use the right product. You use sunscreen for your body, using the right product for your hair is just as important. I prefer to use Aveda Protective Hair Veil or  Bumble and Bumble Leave In.

5. Wet your hair before getting in the water. Use a spray bottle or the beach shower and get your hair wet with tap water before going into the ocean (or pool). I like to get mine wet, add my leave in conditioner and then get in. It makes you hair much more manageable.


DIY: Chalkboard Frames

I have a lot of frames laying around. I have novelty frames from High School, special occasion frames from trips or birthdays. I have a lot. I also have a lot of frames I’ve painted black. Again, I have a lot of frames, especially one I don’t use.

While I like the end result of this project, I would recommend wearing gloves. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, but chalkboard spray paint dries on your hands really gunky and it isn’t a pleasant feeling. That being said, this one is easy, but it takes a few hours.

All you need is some frames, you don’t intend on using, some chalkboard spray paint and chalk.

Step One: Prep your frames by sanding them down. This is especially important if they are glossy.

Step Two: Spray your frames with an even coat of chalkboard paint. Twice (for good measure). Let it dry. I let it sit for quite a while, just to be sure.

Step Three: Rub your chalk sideways, covering the whole surface, then rub off with either your fingers or a towel (or chalkboard eraser, if you have one on hand).

Step Four: Draw whatever you’d like on the frame with chalk.


DIY: Wrapped Mason Jars

This project was super simple and only cost 33 cents per jar, well, depending on if you have jars laying around. I may be a little bit of a craft hoarder, so every jar of spaghetti gets rinsed out, cleaned and stored for projects like this. I wanted to go beyond just pretty flowers in jars, so I decided to wrap them with embroidery thread, although it would be equally as cute with twine or yarn.

I started by dusting off the jars, then taping an end to the jar started wrapping lightly so I could manipulate the way the thread looked. I chose to do one that looked a bit more ombre and a looser wrapped one. Add flowers and you are set. So simple and it took less than a dollar and 30 minutes.

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