Monthly Archives: June 2012

Upcycled: Woven Hamper

I have had my eye on this basket from West Elm for months and couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger if I had a perfectly fine hamper at home. Mind you, I don’t know where this hamper came from, was it a hand me down from a family friend? Left over from an old roommate? I have no idea. Not too long ago, the adorable Miss Rachel Denbow posted a really cute hamper upcycle on A Beautiful Mess. So, I decided I could do one too! It was super simple and made a huge impact.

I white washed mine by diluting white paint with some water and gave it two coats. Then I used 1 inch tape and created the pattern above. I diluted some yellow paint and painted over the tape, then removed it. Easy as that! :)

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