Busy Busy Bee

I can’t believe it’s Monday already! I actually can’t believe it’s so far into August! The summer just flew by! The lest two month have been so busy. We’ve had birthdays, anniversaries and weekend trips all over the place. I’m so proud of myself for pre-planning and did not have to once, run out to Target to get a card last minute. (The cards above came from Hello Lucky! and Rifle Paper Co, if you were wondering, they are kind of super beautiful.)

Also, I went to the mall on Saturday and stayed strong on my shopping goal. So I decided to reminisce about my last shopping trip. Which was at Fashion 5 in San Marcos. I’ve literally been shopping there since middle school, because they had those amazing mini butterfly clips and I wanted my hair to look like this. These were the last two things I bought and I heart them.

I’ve been hard at work on quite a few projects. I’ve been hoarding them all for now, but there isn’t a day where I am not working on a project with is ¬†pretty awesome. Not so awesome for my hands, though, which have seem to have taken a beating from paint and sand paper and hot glue.


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