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DIY: Faux Fall Pumpkins

A few years back, my cousin gave me a bunch of her amazing Halloween decorations, but  these pumpkins didn’t hold up will in the back of my closet. They were scratched and peeling so I decided to give them a bit of a makeover! I decided to go with chalkboard paint and ivory so that I could use them through Thanksgiving, and still keep them up for Halloween.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Foam Pumpkins


Paint Brush

Twine (or yard)

Glue Gun

Step One: Prime your pumpkin. I used white acrylic paint and gave it two coats. I suggest grabbing your pumpkins from a thrift store, they are less expensive than at a craft or Halloween store.

Step Two: After your primer dries paint your entire pumpkin with your chosen color. I did two coats of the chalk board and one coat of ivory. Make sure you include the stems.

Step Three: Gather your supplies for the stem. I took a piece of burlap and pulled it apart.

Step Four: Using your glue gun, wrap the step with the twine, securing all the way to the top. Once at the top, wrap your way back down the stem.

And there you go! Super easy, however time consuming. This is a good project to start while you have something else going on, otherwise you will be sitting around, literally, waiting for paint to dry.

Essentials for Fall 2012

In the past Fall has always been a struggle to me. When I first moved to San Francisco, I could not comprehend that summers were overcast. I continued to wear flip flops and shorts even though I was freezing, when Fall rolled around I clung to whatever I could of the summer I never had. Nine years later I have come to love Fall in San Francisco. It feels right to be bundled up. However my years of resisting the cold has left me with no real pieces for fall. Essentials like a coat or shoes. What is wrong with me?

I’m on the hunt for some real quality pieces that I will have for years. I’ve had my eye out for  a new coat and a solid pair of boots, something that could take a real beating. Maybe actual shoes? I’m totally guilty of wearing flip flops while it’s raining in the dead of winter. I also love fall, because you can get away with lighter scarves. I also love to stock up on rings because necklaces are hidden by scarves and earring get stuck in my hair.

Coats: Orla Kiely Boucle Coat/ Camel Military Coat/ Antipodium Vallance Coat  

Scarves: Terrain Khaki Flower Scarf/ Dorothy Perkins Burgundy Owl Scarf/ TopShop Polka Dot Snood

Rings: ModCloth You Ferned it Ring/ TopShop Flying Bird Ring/  House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Pave Ring

Shoes: Frye Melissa Button Boot/ Isabella Flat in Nude/ Dorothy Perkins Tan Lace Up Brouges

DIY: Calico Pumpkins

It’s officially fall! I have a huge pile of Halloween decorations just waiting to be displayed in October but, I really wanted something to put up before hand. This is originally a Martha Stewart craft, but I followed a more detailed explanation from Danielle Thompson, she does such a good job of explaining! I will say this, I tried to mix it up and make a few different sized pumpkins and it didn’t really work. I’d keep my pumpkins from getting too oblong.

Also, maybe I’m a crazy person but I make a playlist for everything. Here is my playlist I’ve made for this first week of fall before I dive head first into Halloween music for a full month.

Vintage Fashion Expo

This past Saturday I went to the Vintage Fashion Expo. It was really cool, despite me getting a bad case of the hangries (which explains the lack of photos). There was such an overwhelming amount of quality clothing and textiles, I couldn’t handle it, but a few shops stood out.


Papillion Antiques (pictured above)

Based out of Jerome, Arizona, this shop oozed south western charm. I couldn’t keep away from the vintage serapes! The owner couldn’t be any sweeter and her inventory was just amazing!


Nakia’s Vinashee (Pictured below)

I couldn’t stop myself from coming by this shop twice. The display was so beautiful, it felt like it should be in a Tim Burton film! The owner, was so nice and his outfit was so on point!   Jermel Nakia is based out of Beverly Hills and can be found at the Rose Bowl in the Antiques section and is also available for private consultations.


Jennifer Osner’s Textiles Art Lace

Ah, This might have been my favorite of the day. Not only was there amazing vintage clothing and accessories, but textiles and sewing notions as well! I bought the most amazing scarf and vintage lace! Jennifer also has an Etsy shop that is stocked with vintage sewing supplies and the most amazing lace you have ever seen!


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