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Oxford Comma

I have had my eye out for a good pair of oxfords lately. I bought a cheap pair not to long ago and I love them, though the quality is a little dicey. I really like these oxfords from B.P, they are simple and the color is so neutral you could wear it with black or brown.

I have also been crushing hard on these velvet jeans from J. Crew. I never quite for into the printed/bright/waxed denim thing, I don’t even do cords, but there is something about these that I just adore! The cut look fabulous, I haven’t tried them on, but why would I do that to myself? I’m not a sadist.

Clockwise from top left:

Oasis Sequin Shoulder Sweater/ J. Crew Toothpick Jean in Velvet/ Urban Glitz Earring by Kenneth Cole/ Double Plain Ring from Nelly/ B.P. Sidney Oxford/  Ray-Ban Cat Eye Optical/ Just Called to Say Hibiscus Bag from Modcloth

What I’m Watching: Fright Night

I love this movie. I love both the original and the remake, which is a rare treat for me!

I believe in order to have a good scary movie you have to have humor.  The best contemporary horror films are not only funny, they address the genre conventions previously set out for them. Horror films are ridiculous, they’re supposed to be, we see zombie movies because we like them. But no one wants to sit around for an hour while they figure out to survive they need to remove the head or destroy the brain. I mean, we live in a society where even the CDC talks about the zombie apocalypse, to ignore that society accept this is stupid, but I digress.

This is where Fright Night (both the original and the remake) shine. Both are set in a world where the characters are clued in as you. In fact it’s not the vampire part that is so scary about this film. What is scary is that after Charlie Brewster (played by William Ragsdale and the super adorable Anton Yelchin) discovers his neighbor Jerry Dandridge (played by Chris Sarandon aka Prince Humperdink and Colin Farrell) is a vampire no one believes him. His friends even orchestrate a way to prove to Charlie that Jerry is just a regular charismatic guy. It’s a great watch, it balances thrills with camp and humor perfectly!

Factoid: Marni Noxon, the screenwriter assigned to the remake was also a writer and showrunner on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She said that although, there was never a Fright Night centric episode the writers were given a list of vampire movies to watch and Fright Night was one of them.

Door Mat Revamp

Maybe this is something that comes with age, but I find it harder and harder to throw things out. This directly conflicts with my need for everything to look nice. I bought this door mat a few years ago at Target and it has gotten its fair share of use, and it looks terrible. Not because it worn out, but because it’s the only thing on my little stoop. I don’t have plants or any cute decorations, just my hideous worn out mat. So rather than throw it out, like I so badly want to do, I repainted it.

I had so many clever ideas, but when it came down to it, I just wanted it done. So, I improved with some acrylic paint and just mimicked what the previous design was. Good enough, for me. Cheap and quick. Boom.

DIY: Acid Zombie Banner

I had so much fun putting this project together, though in retrospect I feel like I should have watched Return of the Living Dead while making it. Why? Just because.

A bit of a disclaimer: There is glitter everywhere in my house. I clean it up, yet it still finds it’s way all over my floors and all over my face (why?). I think it looks great with glitter, but I don’t really do glitter so I’m a little weirded out. Side note: Remember when girls used roll-on glitter all over their faces? That was a thing.


What you’ll need: A template using Mars Attacks Font/ Mod Podge or Glue/ Scissors/ Card Stock/ Glitter/ String/ Needle

Step One: Print out your word/s in your chosen font on thick card stock. If you don’t like this font try one of these, they are all free. Cut them out, use an X-Acto knife if necessary.

Step Two: Start with each letter at a time. Cover the top 2/3 of the letter with Mod Podge and cover with silver glitter. Tap off excess glitter and let dry.

Step Three: Cover you last 1/3 with Mod Podge and cover with green glitter. Tap off the excess and let dry.

Step Four: Use needle to weave string though the top of the letters.


XOXO enjoy!


Pumpkin Picking

This past weekend I got to go pumpkin picking! Last year we tried a new pumpkin patch, which was cool, but it just wasn’t the same. So, this year we decided to stick to the farm we usually go to, which made me a very happy pumpkin picker! Afterwards, we caught the 49ers game at Cameron’s, a place that calls itself “the Disneyland of Pubs.” So fun!

Anyway, if I had my say I would have worn the outfit above. Notice the leggings: I don’t usually condone leggings, but after eating so much, I think they would have been the best idea ever. Also I love that sweatshirt. If my loyalties weren’t split with the Chargers, I might just buy it.

Clockwise from top left:

Levi’s Legging/ 49ers Fleece By Junk Food/ Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale/ Minnetonka El Paso Ankle Boot

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