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I don’t think I need another reason to obsess over Solange Knowles, but she released an album on Tuesday and I’m in love.

Deal with it.


Tutorial: Retro Braided Up-Do

This is one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. It’s quick, holds up for dancing, I don’t have to curl my hair beforehand and it looks good messy. I don’t think you can have any more pluses than that, at least in my book anyway.

I highly suggest using small poly-bands as opposed to standard elastic hair ties, they are too big and will effect the outcome of your hairstyle. Usually if you are copying a hairstyle at home and it’s not turning out right, it’s a good chance it’s the tools you are using. They are super cheap and very versatile, so I’d grab some at your next trip to Wal-greens.

What you’ll need:

Hair Pins

Bobby Pins

Small elastics


Step One: Take your first section of hair. The part will run from the middle of your ears to the other. Clip up the top and divide the section into two parts. Braid and tie off with two mini elastics.

Step Two: Twist each braid up and randomly pin to your head. I loop mine twice and then twist into a figure 8, then use 3 pins on each braid to secure. You want this to be the tightest section. Try not to look down while doing this part, you will end up with a weird dumpy neckline, so look straight ahead.

Step Three: The next section of hair will run along the edge of your crown in a horseshoe shape. Clip hair on top of your head. Run your finger behind your ear to your part and clip away the front sections of your hair, you will incorporate this later (I would suggest making your section cleaner than mine, I got a little sloppy).

Step Four: Separate your back section into three and braid each. Loop and twist these sections and secure to your head as you did with the previous section. Use as many hair pins as you need. I swear I had 20 in my hair.

Step Five: The hard part is behind you! Let the top section down. Take a section at your crown and back comb evenly (I did about 7 strokes in two sections).  Take your  top and side sections and sweep them back, figure out how you want your hair lay on the sides, when your happy with how it looks loosely braid the top and side sections, roll and twist the top braid and secure. Make sure to keep the volume at your crown you created with the back combing.

Step Six: Finish with some hair spray and use hair pins to hide any strays. I pulled some hair out and let it fall around my face for a safter look, but what you do with the front is up to you.



DIY Flannel Throw

The holidays are upon us! I am obsessed with these blankets. They took about an hour to make and are made of men’s shirting flannel on one side and performance fleece on the other. When I started this project, it was intended to be a gift idea for boys, but after making the first one I ran out and got a super cute holiday cardinal fabric to make one for myself. Super selfish, but I won’t feel too bad when I’m snuggling with my super cozy blanket and glass of wine.

I will say that I got an amazing deal on the fabric on black Friday, so 4 yards of fleece only cost me $6, but there are still some great deals out there.

What you’ll need: 

2 yards of fleece

3 yards of flannel

Straight pins


Step One: Cut your flannel. The two yards of flees purchased will the the accurate size, but the flannel will be too narrow. Cut the three yards according to the chart above. Cut one yard and then cut that yard in half.

Step Two: Piece your flannel together. Take the two smaller pieces  and place them together length wise. Make sure if you are using plaid or stripes that you like your seem up so that is disappears into the design. Sew together so you have a 2 yard long piece. Match this up with the uncut piece and sew together, again, keeping in mind where the seem lies.

Step Three: Lay out the fleece, then the flannel on top. Smooth out any wrinkles and pin along the edges. Leave the flannel about 1.5 – 2 inches longer around the entire edge. If there is an edge that isn’t longer, don’t sweat it, just trim the fleece.

Step Four: Fold flannel edge twice over fleece and pin. Sew in a straight line. Repeat for all four edges.

Voila! A super easy throw! Give it as a gift or use it yourself…..or both!

Men’s Gift Guide

I used to have the hardest time shopping for boys, but now I feel like it’s easier. Maybe it’s because my brothers are now adults, or because I have spent more time shopping for my husband than I have myself, but I think I finally get it.  The secret, in my opinion is focusing on manly staples that will last and are comfortable. I love the O’Hanlon Mills socks, they are so comfy, I steal them all the time. It might just be my own selfishness that keeps zoning in on the socks. I don’t feel like you can go wrong with a camp blanket, it will be used either way, I like Pendleton, because they are classic, last forever and look great. Flasks always make good gift, especially well made ones. If they already have a flask, I recommend getting one in another size. Stanley makes great camp flasks at a reasonable price and they are super sturdy.

I also believe art is a great gift! I love the shooting target prints from Legal Miss Sunshine, they are awesome and are super inexpensive. The shop also has a great set of Star Wars blue prints any true nerd would love. I compiled a few pieces, to give you some ideas.


Gift Guide left to right from top:

Top: Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket in Mineral Umber/ J. Crew Leather Flask/ O’Hanlon Mills Rugby Stripe Boot Sock/ Rudy’s  Brand Shampoo and Conditioner

Middle: Vintage Groundhog Shooting Target from Legal Miss Sunshine/ Van’s Mismoedig Beanie/ Uniqlo Men’s Wool Peacoat

Bottom: Art of Shaving Mid Size Kit in Unscented


Art left ro right from top:

Top: Frank Sinatra Mugshot/ Muhammad Ali by Andy Warhol/ Surfer Blood Poster by Two Arms

Bottom: Motel from Roadside Photographs/ Star Wars Spaghetti Western Trilogy by Tim Anderson


DIY: Knitted Candle Cozy

Christmas season is in full swing! This project is relatively easy if you are knitter. If, not, it’s never too late to learn something new. Or you can cut up an old sweater sleeve and wrap it around a hurricane glass. Either way, I love the way the light get diffused, it really has a nice cozy glow!

If you aren’t a knitter and want to get into it, I suggest heading over to the Purl Bee, they have great tutorials that are simple to understand and well designed. They also have a store in Soho that I went to a few weeks back and I totally geeked out on yarn….because I’m a nerd like that.

What you’ll need: Yarn, Knitting needles, a glass hurricane or a jarred candle.

Cast on 16 stitches.

Row One: Knit one row

Row Two: k1, yo1 *repeat til end* k1

Row Three: p1, p2tog “repeat til end* p1

Repeat steps two and three until it is large enough to wrap around you hurricane. Knit one last row and bind off,

If you want to make this wider, add stitches in groups of 4.

Use some extra yarn to weave the two ends together and tie into a knot. Slip over the top or bottom of your candle making sure that the flame can’t reach it. I was a little bit careless and quickly slipped mine over a candle that was already burning, I singed it a bit and because I used mohair yarn I had the smell of burnt hair in my house for 30 minutes. It was pretty gross, not gonna lie.

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