Tutorial: Boho Updo

It’s been warm here in San Francisco, so I figured it was a good excuse for a casual up do. This style is nice for when you are feeling particularly lazy, probably best for second day hair. If you are feeling fancy, you could curl your hair before hand, but I didn’t. Because (as I mentioned) I’m lazy.

Step One: Start by taking the top section of your hair in a horse shoe shape around your crown and clip it up.

Step Two: Take your head scarf and wrap around your head, tie on the top.

Step Three: Split your hair into three sections.

Step Four: Take the center section and wrap it around your hand to create a loop. Pull the loop over the top of where your head scarf lies and pin.

Step Five: Continue pinning your hair in section until all hair is pinned up, with the exception of a few strands around your face.

Step Six: Take your top section, create one loop to pin loosely so your hair falls over the head scarf and pin.

Enjoy xoxo

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