DIY: Fall Feather Wreath

I always love when projects just fall into place. This one was super easy, took about 5 minutes and was inexpensive to make. I had originally bought this grape vine wreath at the dollar store and was going to style it with flowers, but I was being extra irritable and picky about what flowers I wanted.Then I went to Beverly’s a few days ago and they have pheasant feather on sale! I figured it was a great solution and project came in at about $7. Win!

What you’ll need:

-A grapevine wreath. I got mine at Dollar Tree, but I’ve seen others at Target for $2.50

- Pheasant feathers

- Feather flourishes

-Glue gun

I just eyeballed where I wanted the feathers to go and glue gunned them. It really depends on the feathers and their size. I chose to use a long, medium and short feather on one side and one medium feather on the other. I used the feather flourishes to cove up the bottom of the feathers and all the glue. Super easy and super quick.

Enjoy xoxo

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