Men’s Gift Guide

I used to have the hardest time shopping for boys, but now I feel like it’s easier. Maybe it’s because my brothers are now adults, or because I have spent more time shopping for my husband than I have myself, but I think I finally get it.  The secret, in my opinion is focusing on manly staples that will last and are comfortable. I love the O’Hanlon Mills socks, they are so comfy, I steal them all the time. It might just be my own selfishness that keeps zoning in on the socks. I don’t feel like you can go wrong with a camp blanket, it will be used either way, I like Pendleton, because they are classic, last forever and look great. Flasks always make good gift, especially well made ones. If they already have a flask, I recommend getting one in another size. Stanley makes great camp flasks at a reasonable price and they are super sturdy.

I also believe art is a great gift! I love the shooting target prints from Legal Miss Sunshine, they are awesome and are super inexpensive. The shop also has a great set of Star Wars blue prints any true nerd would love. I compiled a few pieces, to give you some ideas.


Gift Guide left to right from top:

Top: Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket in Mineral Umber/ J. Crew Leather Flask/ O’Hanlon Mills Rugby Stripe Boot Sock/ Rudy’s  Brand Shampoo and Conditioner

Middle: Vintage Groundhog Shooting Target from Legal Miss Sunshine/ Van’s Mismoedig Beanie/ Uniqlo Men’s Wool Peacoat

Bottom: Art of Shaving Mid Size Kit in Unscented


Art left ro right from top:

Top: Frank Sinatra Mugshot/ Muhammad Ali by Andy Warhol/ Surfer Blood Poster by Two Arms

Bottom: Motel from Roadside Photographs/ Star Wars Spaghetti Western Trilogy by Tim Anderson


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  1. Kim L. Reply

    Funny, I got my husband a shave kit for Christmas this year from Etsy. I didn’t know they were all the rage!

  2. Justin Reply

    Some advice from a guy…If you want to get your man a coat that will look great and last for ever. Always get the U.S. Navy Issue Pea Coat. You can find it at any surplus store and they usually run 140 bucks. You just can’t go wrong with the coat that started the trend, plus it’s not showy with lots of added details. Always go classic.

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