DIY Flannel Throw

The holidays are upon us! I am obsessed with these blankets. They took about an hour to make and are made of men’s shirting flannel on one side and performance fleece on the other. When I started this project, it was intended to be a gift idea for boys, but after making the first one I ran out and got a super cute holiday cardinal fabric to make one for myself. Super selfish, but I won’t feel too bad when I’m snuggling with my super cozy blanket and glass of wine.

I will say that I got an amazing deal on the fabric on black Friday, so 4 yards of fleece only cost me $6, but there are still some great deals out there.

What you’ll need: 

2 yards of fleece

3 yards of flannel

Straight pins


Step One: Cut your flannel. The two yards of flees purchased will the the accurate size, but the flannel will be too narrow. Cut the three yards according to the chart above. Cut one yard and then cut that yard in half.

Step Two: Piece your flannel together. Take the two smaller pieces  and place them together length wise. Make sure if you are using plaid or stripes that you like your seem up so that is disappears into the design. Sew together so you have a 2 yard long piece. Match this up with the uncut piece and sew together, again, keeping in mind where the seem lies.

Step Three: Lay out the fleece, then the flannel on top. Smooth out any wrinkles and pin along the edges. Leave the flannel about 1.5 – 2 inches longer around the entire edge. If there is an edge that isn’t longer, don’t sweat it, just trim the fleece.

Step Four: Fold flannel edge twice over fleece and pin. Sew in a straight line. Repeat for all four edges.

Voila! A super easy throw! Give it as a gift or use it yourself…..or both!

7 Responses to DIY Flannel Throw
  1. Lorelei Reply

    Love the idea! I think my son needs one and maybe one for me! hee hee

  2. Sarah {Lacquer and Linen} Reply

    What a great idea!! I love flannel too and this would make for a GREAT gift for my father-in-law. Now if only I knew how to sew…

  3. sophie Reply

    Awesome help…you were so helpful I was able to create a cute blanket as a gift. thank you

    • Jenna Reply

      I’m so glad this helped!

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  5. Kayla Reply

    I’m having trouble making the flannel pieces fit together. The texture is off if the sewing is in the middle of the blanket. Do you have any tips for making the blanket smooth and consistent?

    • Jenna Reply

      Hi Kayla! I would make sure I washed both pieces of fabric first and after making a few of these blankets, I started going with a less stretchy fleece. You could also use a fusible web to get the pieces to stick together from the middle out and trim where the pieces dont fit :) Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!

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