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Tutorial: Boho Updo

It’s been warm here in San Francisco, so I figured it was a good excuse for a casual up do. This style is nice for when you are feeling particularly lazy, probably best for second day hair. If you are feeling fancy, you could curl your hair before hand, but I didn’t. Because (as I mentioned) I’m lazy.

Step One: Start by taking the top section of your hair in a horse shoe shape around your crown and clip it up.

Step Two: Take your head scarf and wrap around your head, tie on the top.

Step Three: Split your hair into three sections.

Step Four: Take the center section and wrap it around your hand to create a loop. Pull the loop over the top of where your head scarf lies and pin.

Step Five: Continue pinning your hair in section until all hair is pinned up, with the exception of a few strands around your face.

Step Six: Take your top section, create one loop to pin loosely so your hair falls over the head scarf and pin.

Enjoy xoxo

November Wish List


By this time of year, I already have a long list of holiday decorations I have been coveting, but this year is a little bit different. After 4 years and two apartments, my couch is a goner. It’s been looking rather horrid for the past year, but an incident involving glitter sealed the deal! I ordered a new couch through a place called Build A Sofa and am super excited to get it delivered in a few weeks. Now that I have one new piece of furniture coming I can’t stop thinking of new things that would look great in my home. Next on the list is, for sure, an Eames Rocker, but I threw some comfy looking PJ’s in there for good measure.


Clockwise from top left:  Urban Outfitters Medallion Jewelry Stand/ CB2 Varanasi Stool/ West Elm Newgate Wall ClockTarget Thermal Stripe PJ’s/ Modernica Fiberglass Chair

DIY: Harvest Crate

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the Christmas decorations yet. I fully intend on soaking in fall in it’s entirety. I feel like October flew by and I need the extra three weeks to truly appreciate the fall.

This project had a slight evolution. I failed at my first attempt but once I figured out why it wasn’t working, I adjusted and really liked the final result.

What you’ll need:  A print out of what you want on your crate, but reversed/ Gloss Gel Medium/ A CD Crate/ Sand Paper/ A Paint Brush/ White Paint

Step One: Paint your crate white. I actually used ivory. This is a very important step, when you are done removing the excess paper you will still have some white residue, a white surface is more forgiving.

Step Two: Apply your gloss gel medium using even strokes. Make sure it’s not too much!

Step Three: Apply your slip of paper face down and smooth. Make sure there are no bubbles.

Step Four: Add one more layer of gloss medium on top, not too heavy and with smooth, even strokes. Let dry.

Step Five: Wet a paper towel and carefully peel off top lay or paper. Dab you paper towel on the paper surface and gently start rubbing off the paper. Don’t press too hard or the ink will start to smear. Keep this up until you have the desired look to your printed phrase.

Step Six: Take your sand paper and sand down your painted finish to give it a rustic feel. Focus on any imperfections in your type, I sanded mine heavily to cover anything that looked off. I think the more worn it looks the better!

Enjoy XOXO

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