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Obsessing Over Cashew Cheese


What happens when you eat all the cheese in the house and your pregnancy craving are being relentless? You find shit in you cabinets and make do. Luckily, I had intended to make cashew cheese months ago, so I had a buttload of cashews on hand. Ugh. I can’t tell you how much of this stuff I just ate. I had a full box of cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits that has now dwindled to the broken pieces. Pieces that I will soon be fishing out of the bottom on the box with no shame what-so-ever.

Just so happens, cashew cheese is pretty healthy! Cashews contain oleic acid (the same fat found in olive oil), which reduces the risk of heart disease and are a great source of magnesium, which makes for a happy heart and happy body.

Wanna taste for yourself? It only took about 3 minutes to put together.

Simple Cashew Cheese (Adapted from Dreena Burton’s Truffled Cashew Cheese)

1 3/4 cup cashews (soaked and drained)

juice of half a lemon

2 cloves of garlic

salt and pepper to taste

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until desired consistency.

Accepting the Mess


I love to pin beautiful, organized spaces, but every time I do, my heart sinks a little. Yes, I would love the color coordinated closet, with a section just for hats (even though, I don’t wear any) and a pantry of organized noodles and cereals in pretty containers. The key element in these beautiful, organized spaces is the space. Well, and time and energy, but who has that either?

I look at these McMansions (to me, anything more than 900 square feet qualifies), and it makes me feel inadequate. Especially as a blogger, the feeling that my home should be perfectly sorted and staged at all moments is slightly depressing. My home will never be clutter free, especially the places that I spend the most time. I’d like to think that one day, when I live in my 1300 square foot McMansion I would have an actual pantry where cereal boxes fit and a closet that actually fits both my husbands clothes and maybe just half of my dresses. A place where I can store all the fabric I’ve hoarded over the years or Christmas decorations that have been spilling out of their boxed for the past few years.


For now, I’m just going to accept my messy home and post some of it, so hopefully you can feel better about your clutter. How do you deal with ongoing clutter in your home?

Entryway Makeover

Entryway Makeover/ Let's Go Sunning

My entryway is done (well, almost)! I’m sure I will keep tweaking it. A few weeks ago I posted a plan and a budget  and I stuck to NEITHER! But, I am 100% happy with how it turned out!

My entry table, I made for $33 out of a sawhorse and a plank of wood. With a little planning finding a great vintage sawhorse could bring down that price, but I LOVE the yellow legs!

I bought the white frame and the smaller black one from Target as well as the candle. Also, can I just say this candle is amazing. It’s called Be Peaceful, lavender and eucalyptus is such a relaxing smell right when you walk in the door!

Entryway Makeover/ Let's Go Sunning

We already owned the skull, books and vase. I moved the Beast is Back print from my office and put it in frame I already owned!

This project was so fun. It was like a puzzle. It was great to figure out what we weren’t using and give it a new place. The table might have been my favorite challenge, though. Console tables are EXPENSIVE. Why? What annoyed me most, was that at the top of my price range (I could have gone to $120 for something amazing) they still looked cheap. I tossed around the idea of grabbing a slab of wood and hairpin legs, but even that option left you over $100 in the hole. What I like about the sawhorse legs, is that it is sturdy and looks like it! It doesn’t have that “fake industrial” look, it’s functional and looks so cool!

Entryway Makeover/ Let's Go Sunning

DIY Sawhorse Entry Table

sawhorse table

As you know, I’ve been trying to spruce up my sad little entryway. I had decided to try to recreate this West Elm entry table, but in all honesty, it looked exhausting to try to make. I don’t have a yard, or a saw, or a place to hammer wood without someone wanting to kill me, so it was a no-go! After an unsuccessful trip to Salvation Army, I decided to wander around Home Depot and keep an open mind. When I found this yellow sawhorse, there was no way it wasn’t going to end up in my house. It was oddly enough, the only one of it’s kind and the label was all janky (woohoo 10% off). It also was the exact measurements of my little entry nook.

sawhorse table

DIY Sawhorse Table

Step 1: Treat your surface. I treated my pine board with Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner (if you don’t have it around the house it is a MUST!). I considered staining the wood, but I decided to keep it simple.

Step 2: Placing the sawhorse on the wrong side of the wood I measured to make sure everything was evenly placed. Then using a pencil I marked where the screws should be placed (this was more for reference)

Step 3: Using short screws (a little shorter than the thickness of my board I secured the top surface to the sawhorse.

sawhorse table

Once I flipped it over I had an great little entry table. Of course, this was a complete departure from what I had originally planned, but with some rearranging of kitch and wall art I made myself an awesome entryway. It’s so bright down there now! It’s still a work in progress, but other than a few framed photos I want to add. It’s almost done and only slightly over my budgeted $30. My total came out to $33.89. Not to shabby.

Making An Entrance



My entryway is a sad, pathetic little nook in my house. It’s something you don’t see from the rest of the house, because it’s at the bottom of a staircase, but it’s the first thing you see when you arrive and the last thing to see as you go. It’s had many different pieces of furniture through the years and now hosts a rug, a sunburst mirror, some take out menus that I’ve been too lazy to pick up and a bean bag toss game that we unloaded from our car and just left there.

My intention is always to fix it up. So that when I get home it’s inviting, organized and functional, but I also have expensive taste and everything I love is far out of my budget. So, I’ve decided to tackle this area of my house with a $30 budget and a little creativity. Being the nerd I am, I put together the ideal pieces I would need to make this sucker perfect and am going to go from there.

I’m surprisingly excited for this challenge!!! Hooray for budgets!

entryway makeover

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