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November Wish List


By this time of year, I already have a long list of holiday decorations I have been coveting, but this year is a little bit different. After 4 years and two apartments, my couch is a goner. It’s been looking rather horrid for the past year, but an incident involving glitter sealed the deal! I ordered a new couch through a place called Build A Sofa and am super excited to get it delivered in a few weeks. Now that I have one new piece of furniture coming I can’t stop thinking of new things that would look great in my home. Next on the list is, for sure, an Eames Rocker, but I threw some comfy looking PJ’s in there for good measure.


Clockwise from top left:  Urban Outfitters Medallion Jewelry Stand/ CB2 Varanasi Stool/ West Elm Newgate Wall ClockTarget Thermal Stripe PJ’s/ Modernica Fiberglass Chair

Door Mat Revamp

Maybe this is something that comes with age, but I find it harder and harder to throw things out. This directly conflicts with my need for everything to look nice. I bought this door mat a few years ago at Target and it has gotten its fair share of use, and it looks terrible. Not because it worn out, but because it’s the only thing on my little stoop. I don’t have plants or any cute decorations, just my hideous worn out mat. So rather than throw it out, like I so badly want to do, I repainted it.

I had so many clever ideas, but when it came down to it, I just wanted it done. So, I improved with some acrylic paint and just mimicked what the previous design was. Good enough, for me. Cheap and quick. Boom.

Map Covered Love Letters

I had seen these cute map covered letters at Cost Plus a few weeks ago and fell in love. They weren’t very expensive, but I knew I had all the tools at home to make them myself. These letters would be super cute hung on a wall, high on a shelf  or displayed on a table.

Here is what you need:

A map

Fabric ( I used off-white muslin)

Mod Podge

Cardboard letters

Tea bags

Step One: Steep your tea bags in warm water. While they are steeping lay out your map on a clean surface. I used a baking pan to keep things neat.   Rub your tea bag on the surface of the map, being careful not to rip the map. When you are done lay it out to dry.

Step Two: While your map dries, carefully cut out your fabric and Mod Podge it around the entire letter. Let your fabric dry.

Step Three: When your map is dry and weathered to your liking and your fabric is no longer tacky, cut out map squares and paste them to the top of your letters. Cut along the edges of your letter and give one last coat of Mod Podge. Let it dry and you are ready to display.

My New Coffee Table!!!

I have been obsessively working on this coffee table for the past week and a half and it’s finally finished! I found it at Salvation Army for $25 and though it looked pretty disgusting it was real wood and I loved the details. I nabbed it, somehow made it fit in my tiny car, and brought it home.

Now, this would have been a lot easier if I had a yard, so I could use a stripper or a power sander. I had none of these things. So I had sanded this whole freaking thing. It was probably for the best, the legs were complicated to sand around and I imagine that I could have easily ruined it.

After a week of wanting to throw this stupid table out of the window I finally finished sanding. I originally wanted to keep the natural wood color, but it was really too much so I decided to stain it Golden Oak, gave it two coats and used this varnish to finish it off.

I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I’m also very glad I will have my life back!

28 DIY Anthropologie Knock Offs

52 Mantels Pinwhale Alphabet Tutorial / Apartment Therapy Overydyed Terai Chair DIY/ 8MM Projector Lamp DIY from I am Momma Hear Me Roar/ Ordinal Dresser DIY from East Coast Creative

Rosette Quilt DIY from Kojo Designs/ Ordinal Dresser DIY from Jilly and MiaMonogrammed Mug from Design Mom/ Zinc Letters from Sugar and Charm

Also from Burlap and Blue/ RetropolitanLife As A Thrifter/ 364 Living/ From Gardners Two Bergers

Nimbus Bedding from Made By Lex/ Rose Landscape Shade From Sassafras Salvation/ Wandering Pleats Curtains by Besserina/ Curator Table From Design Sponge

Rose Landscape Lamp Shade from Another Crafty Day, Also The Painted Home/ Antique Mirror from Home Hear Craft/ Ruffle Shower Curtain from Taylor Made, also Sister View

Toorie Curtains from Huckleberry Prairie/ Orimono Pillow from Glue Gun Craft/ Secret Silhouette Shade from Retropolitan/ Jute Hurricane from Hymns and Verses

One Lump or Two Lamp from Vintage Revival/ Beautiful Bolster Pillow from Prudent BabyRanunculous Swirl Shade from Mama says Sew/Tree of Life Wall Art from A Crummy Home

Georgina Bedding from Besserina/ Ruffle LampShade from Just a Girl/ Reverse Ordinal Dresser fron Red Hen Home/ Caged Pendant Light fron Ashley Ann Photography 


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