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My New Coffee Table!!!

I have been obsessively working on this coffee table for the past week and a half and it’s finally finished! I found it at Salvation Army for $25 and though it looked pretty disgusting it was real wood and I loved the details. I nabbed it, somehow made it fit in my tiny car, and brought it home.

Now, this would have been a lot easier if I had a yard, so I could use a stripper or a power sander. I had none of these things. So I had sanded this whole freaking thing. It was probably for the best, the legs were complicated to sand around and I imagine that I could have easily ruined it.

After a week of wanting to throw this stupid table out of the window I finally finished sanding. I originally wanted to keep the natural wood color, but it was really too much so I decided to stain it Golden Oak, gave it two coats and used this varnish to finish it off.

I’m so happy with the way it turned out! I’m also very glad I will have my life back!

28 DIY Anthropologie Knock Offs

52 Mantels Pinwhale Alphabet Tutorial / Apartment Therapy Overydyed Terai Chair DIY/ 8MM Projector Lamp DIY from I am Momma Hear Me Roar/ Ordinal Dresser DIY from East Coast Creative

Rosette Quilt DIY from Kojo Designs/ Ordinal Dresser DIY from Jilly and MiaMonogrammed Mug from Design Mom/ Zinc Letters from Sugar and Charm

Also from Burlap and Blue/ RetropolitanLife As A Thrifter/ 364 Living/ From Gardners Two Bergers

Nimbus Bedding from Made By Lex/ Rose Landscape Shade From Sassafras Salvation/ Wandering Pleats Curtains by Besserina/ Curator Table From Design Sponge

Rose Landscape Lamp Shade from Another Crafty Day, Also The Painted Home/ Antique Mirror from Home Hear Craft/ Ruffle Shower Curtain from Taylor Made, also Sister View

Toorie Curtains from Huckleberry Prairie/ Orimono Pillow from Glue Gun Craft/ Secret Silhouette Shade from Retropolitan/ Jute Hurricane from Hymns and Verses

One Lump or Two Lamp from Vintage Revival/ Beautiful Bolster Pillow from Prudent BabyRanunculous Swirl Shade from Mama says Sew/Tree of Life Wall Art from A Crummy Home

Georgina Bedding from Besserina/ Ruffle LampShade from Just a Girl/ Reverse Ordinal Dresser fron Red Hen Home/ Caged Pendant Light fron Ashley Ann Photography 


DIY: Dipped Leg Sidetable

This tutorial is super easy. I think I spent more time figuring out what colors I was going to use. Originally I was thinking of an army green and gold, but I couldn’t find the perfect shade. I went for white and gold, because you really couldn’t fail with that color combo and I had some left over paint from the Fish Scale Wall Art I have done earlier in the year.

PS. Please excuse the lazy job I did painting this table white. Kinda used the bottom of the table as a pallet. I was feeling extra lazy.

For this project you will need:

Painters Tape

Spray Paint (I used gold)

Step One: Start with your table (or chair) with a base coat. I painted mine white, but you could just as easily leave it, with a natural finish

Step Two: Use painters tape to section off where you want your accent color to start.

Step Three: Paint above the tape line

Step Four: Let dry, peel off painters tape.

Adventures in Quilting

This probably makes me seem like a crazy person, but I started quilting recently. I’ve never done it before, so I figured I’d try it out. I have been obsessing over this quilt, a figured out that this quilt would have been cooler if it was handmade. So, I decided to pick quilting up on a whim….

I haven’t been blogging as much because I have been working on that sucker and it’s pretty time consuming, also I am refinishing a coffee table that you will get a peek at soon. :)

Sunburst Mirror Score!

I recently hit the jack pot. I have had my eye out for a vintage looking sunburst mirror for a while now. At one point I even tried to convince Tommy that we should spend $200 on one from West Elm, but luckily I found one a few weeks ago at Home Depot. What’s even better, is that it only cost $35!

In honor of my new amazing sunburst mirror, here is a round up of my fave DIY versions around the web.

K Sarah Designs

See Cate Create

Nesting Place

Ten June

The Lettered Cottage


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