Shopping with Mallzee


Though I don’t fit into regular clothes yet (and it seems so far away), I have been daydreaming and planning about the day when I can fit back into my skater dresses and mini skirts. Right now I’m loving the Mallzee app. I have, seriously, lost at least an hour swiping clothes (left for dislike, right for like) and building my preferences. You can search vendors, like Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Anthropologie, Forever 21, Uniqlo, etc., and even filter by clothing type, color, and price.

Usually, when I shop online I end up with dozens and dozens of tabs open with different products I might like and then I pare that down to things I would buy. The swiping method (people compare it to Tinder, but I have never used that app), is easy and less stressful for me and much more natural than scanning a bunch of thumbnails.

The app saves your likes and you can share with your friends. What I love most about this feature is that I don’t have to keep a tab open on my desktop while I decide if I really want to buy. It’s all self contained. I have quite the stock pile of clothes that I can’t wait to cram by post-prego body into. Counting down the days!

Download Mallzee on iTunes

Rivet + Sway


It’s the time of year to start hunting for new glasses again! In the past, I’ve tried Warby Parker and Bonlook (I still love my Honeybadgers), but I need a second pair for everyday use, so I thought I would try something new. So I’m trying Rivet and Sway! I’m a sucker for the “at home try-on” options, so R+S was perfect, also all their frames start at $169 (thats with RX).

Years ago, I bought a pair of Burberry specs and LOVED them but when my RX changed, the optometrist told me it would be $300+ to keep my frames and change out the lenses. HUGE FAIL. So, eff that, right? I love companies like these, because it gives you the ability to change out your frames at such a low cost. I do have a hard time finding the perfect frames, so I like that you get to chose 5 to try-on at home. rivetandsawy3

Rivet and Sway is a little bit different than Warby Parker and Bonlook because they are geared towards women. With the other two brands I had difficulty finding frames that fit the width of my head, which is on the narrower side. Every pair of Rivet and Sway frames fit perfectly! I haven’t decided on which frames I’m going with yet, but I’m really excited about this company (as you can tell)!


Maternity Style Essentials


Maternity style is something I struggled with at first. I really loved my short, cinch waisted skater dresses and pencil skirts. It seriously pained me to pack them away. I hated the idea of spending money on clothes that I could only wear for a short period of time, and I didn’t already have a good arsenal of stretch maxi skirts that I could make work. So, I started simple and slowly built my maternity wardrobe. It may feel like I wear the same thing every day, but the great part is that everything is interchangeable and most of the pieces you can wear after the baby is born. I ended up rounding out my maternity wardrobe with striped 3/4 sleeve tees and a few oversized sweaters, but I find myself often coming back to these staples.

Here are some things so far that I couldn’t live without.

Nursing bras: One of the first things I had to buy was a new bra. Over-share alert: My boobs got super huge, super fast and nursing bras made the most sense to buy, since I knew eventually I’d use them after the baby was born. When I get home I switch to something more comfortable. I still am wearing these yoga bras at home, but eventually I’m going to have to get something a little bigger. I’ve had my eye on the Wrap N Snap from La Leche League and the Gilligan and O’Malley Nursing Comfort Bra from Target.

A legit pair of maternity jeans: It takes forever to find the right pair, but when you do, it feels great! They are stretchy and comfy and go with everything. I splurged on my first pair, then on the hunt for a second pair tried literally every pair I could until I settled on a pair from Old Navy. There are a lot of dumpy maternity jeans out there, my advice is to only buy whats comfortable and makes you look great. Eventually you will need those extra confidence points. My favorites so far are James Jeans Twiggy Maternity Jeans in Slate and Old Navy Full Panel Skinny Jeans. Super opposite ends of the price spectrum, but I’m ridiculously happy with both.

Plain Maternity Tanks: I seriously wear these every day. Plain, with sweaters, under button ups, they are so essential. May favorite are Liz Lange from Target, super affordable and very flattering.

Oversized cardigans: One thing I don’t mind splurging on is over sized cardigans.They can be worn all year round (in San Francisco) and I can wear them after the baby is born. My favorite so far is the BB Dakota Clooney sweater, it’s super flattering and is so cozy, but you can go wrong with boyfriend cardigans, my favorite so far is from J. Crew (that color!)

Scarves: It’s cold in the city and I can’t zip my jackets up over my belly, so I make do with scarves. Plus, I’ve noticed when I wear bella bands and a regular (pre-prego) shirt, it stretches just enough to be slightly see through, scarves cover that up. The two above are from Nordstrom (Shiva Infinity Scarf and Wool Scarf)

Smaller Purses: My bag is not that big, but I like to carry a lot of stuff in it. Like as much as I can jam in there. Switching to a smaller bag helps with the back pain, and keeps my receipt hoarding to a minimum. This Kate Spade bag or this Fossil tote is in my future.

Shoes that makes your feet sing: Swollen feet need cozy shoes. I’ve tried cramming my feet into heels and pretty flats for holiday parties…not happening anymore. Right now I’m walking around the house in these super cozy moccassins from J. Crew (they are heaven). For day to day, Toms Jacquard Classics are amazing and are fleece lined to keep your toes warm and snuggly and Reef Bella Costa Winter Drift Mocs are amazingly cushiony.

T-Shirt Dress-up with Scuttle

Today I’m so excited to have Holly from Scuttle on the blog! I like to think I know a lot about fashion, but Holly has a style I completely covet! Don’t be alarmed if I just start showing up places in her exact OOTD. Ha! Holly was nice enough to share three steps to dressing up a tee shirt and jeans, advice that I will be taking today! Thank you so much Holly!

dressing up a tee

It used to be that t-shirts were either only worn as an outfit by guys or you only wore it in the confines of your own home when you are sleeping, cleaning or just flat out being lazy. Well the times have changed. Women rocking t-shirts is all the craze now! (the more vintage or grungy, the better it seems). Some of you my love the t-shirt trend. I am going to be honest, I struggle with this. For the most part I like structure & I want to look classy & its hard to do that with t-shirts some times.
BUT I have figured out how to “class up” my tees in 3 easy steps!

hey jude tshirt

Basic Jeans & T-shirt base.

dressing up a tshirt step 1

 1 – Tuck the tee in!

dressing up a tshirt step 2

2 – Add a statement necklace

dress up a tshirt step 3

 3 – Switch out the flats/sneakers for a pair of heels

dressing up a tshirt-1

Viola! 3 easy steps take it from college student casual to classy & out on the town!
Now I dig wearing t-shirts like this :)

T-Shirt Rehab: Project #1

Like you (I’m sure), I have collected a lot of t-shirts over the years. Sometimes they are free shirts from events, or one of my husband’s that I decide I will use as a PJ shirt and it never quite makes the cute, either way, I have  a lot of them. So, I figured what better way to put them to use than re-purposing them.

I wanted to start simple, and show how I size down t-shirts that are too large. Here is how I took a men’s size medium and altered it a women’s small.

Step One: Figure out which shirt you want to alter, then find a shirt that fits nicely that you’d like it to mimic. Turn the larger shirt inside out and lay the smaller shirt on top. Make sure the shoulders line up and your smaller shirt is directly in the center.

Step Two: Take a sharpie and outline the smaller shirt, being very careful not to get too close to the top shirt. You could even use a water soluble marker if you are altering a light colored shirt.

Step Three: Pin along the line, making sure that everything is lining up correctly (i.e., sleeve holes, any design elements on the shirt, bottom hem)

Step Four: Sew along the line, removing pins as you go.

Step Five: Turn shirt right side in. Try it on to make sure it fits right. If it doesn’t, tweak it until it does.

Step Six: Cut the excess fabric on the side of the shirt. Leave a little under an inch, you don’t want to cut too close!

You can hem your sleeves, but I like to roll mine, I find with shirts that have broader shoulders, it’s just easier. If you do roll them, you can add a stitch or two to make sure they don’t come unrolled, just make sure they are hidden.

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