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Greening Up My Skincare Routine


Give me an excuse to green up anything in my life, and I’m in. I obsessively research before buying anything new and am constantly trying to cut down on chemicals in my home. BUT I wasn’t too great about greening up my skin care routine until recently.

I don’t have bad skin, but I definitely don’t have great skin. I was always breaking out and was scared of over moisturizing, so I just didn’t bother. I stuck with what I knew, because I didn’t want to mess with the system. After getting pregnant, I decided that now is as good a time as any to figure out how to make my beauty routine less toxic.

Skin: After researching way too much, I decided to try Suki Skin Care. I started with the Creamy Foaming Cleanser, to my surprise it was gentle, the smell was refreshing and it left my skin feeling fantastic and super clean(but not tight). I love Suki because it’s eco friendly, uses fair trade and organic ingredients, is cruelty-free, vegan and has clinical trials and science to back it up. After a successful introduction, I decided to try a moisturizer. I chose the Balancing Day Lotion after experimenting at home with a bunch of trial packets. It’s lightweight and I haven’t had a single breakout! It kind of reminds me of Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Moisturizer, but way less expensive and way lower on the EWG scale. I am converted.

You can find Suki Skin Care at most Whole Foods.

Face: I am actually too lazy to put on mineral makeup. I love Bare Essentials foundation, but I just find a tinted moisturizer so much easier. It’s a two bird, one stone kinda thing. I love the Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer. I was very hesitant at first, I have tried every effing BB cream out there and hated them all, they all seemed so heavy, this is lightweight, but still provides a good amount of coverage for a tinted moisturizer. It’s not the most eco friendly and chemical free option out there, but I like it and it’s better than anything I had been using.

I also am loving Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara. It makes me feel great having something more organic around my eyeballs. It haven’t noticed any difference from the conventional mascaras and you can find it at Target. Boom.

10 Tips for a Professional Blow Out


1. The right tools make all the difference. 

Your tools will make the biggest differences with a blow out! Do you want a smooth and shiny blowout? Use a round boar bristle brush. For a more volume and curl, use a wide metal brush. A nozzle on the end of your blow dryer will also help to ensure your hair cuticle gets as smooth as it possibly can.

2. Use the right product.

As much as the right set of tools will help you achieve a phenomenal blow out, so will the right product. My favorite go-to product is Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream. Look for something that plays to your hair texture and be sure not to put too much. You will know if you’ve used too much if after your hair is fully dry it is too stiff or greasy looking.

3. Pre-dry your hair.

Before any brush touches your head make sure you pre-dry your hair. I pre-dry about 90% because if I didn’t it would take me a good hour to dry and I’d have very little arm strength left. If you have fine hair you might want to pre-dry to about 70%.

4. Section off the appropriate amount of hair.

When sectioning your hair, the rule of thumb is to not take more hair that the size of your brush. I like to take a little less to ensure every piece of hair is dry. The neater the sections the easier and quicker it is to get through your whole head.

5. Root direction determines volume.

If you pull the hair up when drying, it will create volume. If you pull it downward, it will create less volume. I adjust root direction all over. I start with less volume at the bottom and always pull straight up on my top section.

6. Keep good tension but don’t pull too hard!

Good tension is key in getting a smooth blowout. You want to be sure the hair is smooth and flat in order to get the best possible results. Just don’t putt too hard, it will create breakage.

7. Make sure every strand is 100% dry before moving on.

This step is extra crucial in a long lasting blowout. If you hair remains even the slightest bit damp the blow out will likely fall flat over the next few hours.

8. For smooth ends, really work them with the nozzle and brush.

If a section isn’t looking dry or seems a little fuzzy with flay aways, really worth that section with the brush. Point the nozzle down the hair shaft to blast it dry and close the cuticle. It will get there, you just need to give it some love.

9. Bangs get separate treatment.

Bangs are special. They never seem to do what you want them to. There are so many ways to dry bangs, seriously, google it and you will find countless videos and tutorials. My rule of thumb is to use a flat brush and brush in the opposite direction I want them to fall in. I use my forehead as a surface to smooth them out. It really depends on the style you are going for and your hair texture. Experiment and remember what works best for you!

10.  Finish the right way.

Now that you have given yourself the perfect salon blowout it’s time to ensure it lasts. I like to flip my head upside-down and give my hair a cool blast from the blow dryer. I follow up with a light aerosol hairspray like Aveda’s AirControl and then give my ends a little separation and shine with Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine.



Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Last week I started experimenting with natural beauty remedies. First on my list to try was an apple cider vinegar rinse. I have been reading about how effective it is to get rid of product build up and it seemed to make sense.  You might be thinking, “I don’t have build up,” you’re wrong. Unless you are clarifying weekly or only using baking soda and vinegar to wash your hair, you’ve got some. Build up can come from so many sources, the minerals in your water, your shampoo and conditioner, your styling products, it’s really hard to avoid. Oddly enough, one of the biggest offenders is the conditioning agent that make our hair feel softer. It’s a double edged sword!

A lot experts suggest using a clarifying shampoo every once and while to curb build up, but in the end you are just spending more money for a product you will most likely forget about. The apple cider vinegar rinse worked AMAZING! It was like pressing a giant reset button and it was a much more affordable option. I suggest doing it once a week, at most. The rinse will also strip your hair of natural oils, so doing it often will leave your hair feeling dry. After my rinse I used a boar bristle brush when blow drying my hair to pull natural oils back through my hair. I highly recommend this rinse! I loved it!

For rinse. Combine 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water. Wet hair. Apply mixture to scalp, massage in and let sit for 3 minutes. Rinse.

Perfect Ponytails

A ponytail might seem like it’s something too easy, but before I went to beauty school most of mine were worn to the gym or just to get may hair out of the way. I was constantly having to re-do my hair because it was always falling. Not to mention, I rarely wore ponytails because it gave me cheer flashbacks and the thought of them gave me headaches.

I love the way a polished ponytail looks, but it’s not so easy to pull one off without looking like you didn’t have time to do your hair. Here are three steps that I think make a perfect ponytail.

Step One: Gather the top section and use a small rubberband to tie it up. This is my favorite part, this is where you can add volume to the top, slick it down, get creative. I like to give a teeny bit of volume and run my fingers through the top to give it a slightly messy texture.

Step Two: Tilt your head back when gathering your hair for your ponytail. This part, you might think is better done by flipping your hair over and gathering it upside down. WRONG. Thats how you get saggy diaper butt hair. You know what I mean. By tilting your head back, you are ensuring the backside of your ponytail is clean and that makes all the difference. Meet your pony tail to the rubberband used for the top section and tie together.

Step Three:  If you want to go the extra step, take one small section of hair and wrap around your ponytail. I like to wrap a few times and then shove it back through my hair tie, but you could also use a bobby pin underneath the ponytail.

Dress c/o Go Jane

Copycat: Jennifer Lawrence’s Up do

I know, I know the Oscars were last Sunday and, in the blogosphere, I am super late on this, but Jennifer Lawrence (who, I think needs to be my best friend) had the most amazing up do! I generally don’t get into award season, but I had to give it a try. It was so loose and elegant, but still really structured, all the things that make a great up do! Not gonna lie, this one took me a few times and when it came down to it, all the difference was in the backcombing. If I did it again, I might curl my hair first, but I was looking to simplify.

Step One: Gather the top section of hair, in a horseshoe shape. Back comb, liberally. Just when you think you’ve gone too far, just add a little more.

Step Two: Lightly run your fingers over the top to break up the backcombing and give a piecey look. Pin top section right below the crown, leaving some lift in the front.

Step Three: Take a small 1 inch section from either side of your head, Twist and cross in the back, covering your bobby pins near the crown. Pin in place. Move down in 1 inch sections, pulling towards the crown and criss-crossing all sections as you pin to give a braided effect.

Step Four: Pull remaining hair back into a ponytail, using a small elastic, (not a full blown rubberband) and backcomb. When pulling hair into ponytail, lean your head back, this will help with keeping the bottom of your ponytail tight. Unlike before, backcomb until you have nothing left to backcomb, we are talking poof ball, as much as possible!

Step Five: Take poof ball ponytail and twist into a bun and pin securely to the nape of your neck. Hair pin as needed.

Dress: Difference Between White and Saffron Dress/ Modcloth

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