Weekend Excursion: Bodega Bay

Weekend Excursion: Bodega Bay - Bodega Country Store

This past weekend, Tom and I decided to take our new car on an excursion up to Bodega Bay. It’s been on my list of things to do since I moved to San Francisco over 10 years ago, but I never quite made it. So, with a shiny new car and and a belly that has grown way too much in the past 3 weeks, we decided to make the trek.

We actually thought we would just stumble into the town and everything would be centralized. We were super wrong, we ended up passing the entire town and lost on the Sonoma Coast (which was beautiful), but we had no cell service and no way to google map our way in the right direction (what did people do without smart phones?).

Weekend Excursion: Bodega Bay - Sonoma Coast

I didn’t mind if we missed some of the quainter points of town, as long as I could see the church and schoolhouse from the The Birds. We back tracked and managed to load up on way too much salt water taffy at Patrick’s. We only spent $6 and still have so much left! Green Apple and Tropical Punch were insanely delish.

Weekend Excursion: Bodega Bay - Patrick's Salt Water Taffy


After enjoying quite a bit of taffy we finally got cell service and figured out how to get to the good stuff. We made it to an odd little strip that had both the school house and church, I nerded out for a little bit and then we found some fun antique stores. I totally scored on some Matson Cruise Menus and then we wandered down the little strip and perused the Hitchcock memorabilia.

Weekend Excursion: Bodega Bay - St Teresa of Avila Church

It was a fun little adventure and I’m so glad I finally made it! For some reason, I thought Bodega Bay was way further from San Francisco, but it was only an hour and a half drive north. I do wish I would have remembered to bring my bigger camera, but I think just having my phone on my allowed me to just enjoy the day rather than be focused on taking pictures.

Weekend Excursion: Bodega Bay - Bodega Country Store

DIY Produce Bags

DIY Produce Bags

It absolutely kills me using so many produce bags when grocery shopping. I always try to cram as many fruits and veggies in one bag, much to the dismay of the person who has to ring me up and the people behind me in line. So I figure, why not just make my own and bring them with my reusable grocery bags when I head to the market.

I love them so far. Because I don’t put the produce bags in the fridge, I end up prepping my veggies the day I bring them home, and they are less likely to go bad, as they are more visible. You can make the pulls with nylon, or even shoelaces, I just happened to have this adorable fabric ribbon, a gift from my even more adorable friend, Jane, so it worked out nicely.

These bags are super easy to make and they are great for the environment, keeping plastic out of landfills that could take anywhere from 20 to 1,000 years to degrade. You can read more about our plastic bag problem here, If you aren’t very crafty, but still want to keep plastic out of landfills, you can find a similar bag here.

What you’ll need:

1 yard of mesh fabric ($2.99 at Joann’s such a great deal!)

4 yards of nylon cording or ribbon

DIY Produce Bags


1. Cut yard of fabric into four equal pieces

2. Fold top inch down and hem

3. Fold Mesh in half with hem at top, rough edge out. Sew along side and bottom, careful to not sew over the hem opening at the top. I’d hem twice to reinforce the bag

4. Turn bag inside out and thread cord or ribbon through top hem

DIY Produce Bags

You can wash on delicate when these get too dirty, One yard should make four bags.

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I started to really feel that I was nine months pregnant. It started with swollen feet and ankles, so working out was not really the best option this past week. I kept thinking “oh, working out will help with swelling.” Nope. It didn’t. But after a week of taking a load off, swelling wasn’t an issue any more. I still manage to get out a lot and take the dogs for a little bit of a longer walk, but intense power walks might have to wait until after the baby is born.

Lessons learned this week:

Get your car seat installed early: I had a super wonderful police officer try to install mine, just to discover that it didn’t fit in my car. At all. Turns out, you can go to Babies ‘R’ Us and try out different car seats in your car, so I did that and then only way I could get one to fit in my two door rendered the passenger seat unusable. If I would have taken care of this earlier, it would have been a lot less stressful. We ended up getting a new car (something we had planned for and had money set aside), not everyone’s remedy for a problem like this, but it was gonna have to happen sooner or later.

Keep your gas tank at least a quarter tank full: On Friday, I was experiencing weird breathing issues and when I called the advice hotline I was told to go to Labor and Delivery with my bags, just to be cautious. This led to a full on panic, I ended up locking myself out of my house, I had my car keys, but left my house keys and phone in the house. I thought “Oh, I’ll just drive over to my cousins house,” because she has my spare key and is only five minutes away. Then I start the car and realize, I don’t have enough gas to get me that far and all of my cards are in the house. I ended up having to wait for security to unlock my car, of course, it starts raining and ended up costing me $75. I’m super lucky I wasn’t in labor, that could have been a shit show.

Alway put the dogs on a harness: I was getting lazy when walking the dogs. I was walking them on just their collars, because it takes so long for me to bend down to put their harnesses on. And then yesterday Geordi, managed to get off his entire collar and I had to run around my neighborhood trying to catch him. Not so fun when you are nine months pregnant and carrying a carton (is that what it’s called?) of laundry detergent. Worf was not happy. Neither were my feet.

Oh Joy! For Land of Nod

Oh Joy! For Land of Nod

I can’t get enough of the Oh Joy! Collection at Land of Nod! It’s so colorful and playful, it makes me happy just looking at it all. The pieces are clean, versatile and can really bring a lot of personality to any kids room. I especially love her curated art prints and her fun throw pillows. A sprinkle print elephant or ice cream cone? Yes, please! I might, also, need that Pineapple print. Also, a real pineapple to eat. Pregnancy cravings.

Oh Joy! For Land of Nod Oh Joy! For Land of Nod Oh Joy! For Land of Nod

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