DIY: Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and while, I can fully appreciate the super fancy table setting I’ve been seeing around the interwebs, I am way too lazy to actually execute that. I decided the best idea for Thanksgiving was to cover the table with craft paper, that way at the end of the night, you can throw your table covering the recycling bin. It’s easy clean up and three less steps you have to deal with.

I, also, made up a few of these banners. I love the way they turned out, it’s super easy to do and really cute! Best of all, you don’t have to do any work, because I did it for you. If you want to download a page of these, just click here:

Free Download: Thanksgiving Place Cards

All you have to do is print, cut and fold and you have a super simple Thanksgiving places card for your guests.

Enjoy xoxo

In Transit

I’m travelling today! Tommy and I are headed to New York! I’ve never been, so I’m super excited. Tommy will be competing in the Cut And Paste World Championship on Saturday, so wish him luck!


Enjoy xoxo

DIY: Fall Feather Wreath

I always love when projects just fall into place. This one was super easy, took about 5 minutes and was inexpensive to make. I had originally bought this grape vine wreath at the dollar store and was going to style it with flowers, but I was being extra irritable and picky about what flowers I wanted.Then I went to Beverly’s a few days ago and they have pheasant feather on sale! I figured it was a great solution and project came in at about $7. Win!

What you’ll need:

-A grapevine wreath. I got mine at Dollar Tree, but I’ve seen others at Target for $2.50

– Pheasant feathers

– Feather flourishes

-Glue gun

I just eyeballed where I wanted the feathers to go and glue gunned them. It really depends on the feathers and their size. I chose to use a long, medium and short feather on one side and one medium feather on the other. I used the feather flourishes to cove up the bottom of the feathers and all the glue. Super easy and super quick.

Enjoy xoxo

Tutorial: Boho Updo

It’s been warm here in San Francisco, so I figured it was a good excuse for a casual up do. This style is nice for when you are feeling particularly lazy, probably best for second day hair. If you are feeling fancy, you could curl your hair before hand, but I didn’t. Because (as I mentioned) I’m lazy.

Step One: Start by taking the top section of your hair in a horse shoe shape around your crown and clip it up.

Step Two: Take your head scarf and wrap around your head, tie on the top.

Step Three: Split your hair into three sections.

Step Four: Take the center section and wrap it around your hand to create a loop. Pull the loop over the top of where your head scarf lies and pin.

Step Five: Continue pinning your hair in section until all hair is pinned up, with the exception of a few strands around your face.

Step Six: Take your top section, create one loop to pin loosely so your hair falls over the head scarf and pin.

Enjoy xoxo

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