DIY: Chalkboard Skulls

I never really planned on sharing this project, mostly, because I have done a lot with chalkboard paint and didn’t want to wear it out. BUT I really do love the way it turned out and thought maybe someone would appreciate it. I bought these skulls at Beverley’s in September and had no idea what to do with them. I liked the way they looked just as plain cardboard, but I can never just leave something alone. So I covered it in chalkboard paint and drew on it. It was super easy. I looked a lot of sugar skull designs and copied those. I have three hung in a row and I love it! It took about 20 minutes and looks different!


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

It’s not Halloween if you haven’t watch Beetlejuice at least twice. I don’t think I need to preach about how amazing this entire movie is. The production design, the music, everything about this is fantastic.

Factoid: Back before the internet had every screenplay known to man available at the click of a button, I went to a shop in the Castro that specialized in scripts. I paid $5.80 for a copy of the first draft of Beetlejuice and became obsessed with figuring out how the film ended up so different. The first draft was much more violent and centered around Cathy, the youngest Deetz who befriends the Maitlands. Beetlejuice is a shapeshifter who is often seen in the form of a bird with he head of a “middle eastern man.” A rewrite by Warren Skaaren (who also wrote Tim Burton’s Batman) changed the tone of the script to what we know today.

Great Gatsby Party

This past weekend we had a Great Gatsby themed party! It was so much fun! My friend, Justin has this huge garage that we cleaned out and set up shop in! We decorated with tinsel curtains, peacock feathers, vintage bottles and circus lights. As per usual, I took almost no pictures, but got a few. We all had so much fun dressing up!


(Fright) Night In

Happy Monday! Halloween is getting closer! Lately, life has been so hectic and all I have been craving is a night in with some monster movies and popcorn. SF Girl By The Bay has recently been tweeting about how amazing popcorn is with some truffle salt and now that’s all I can think about. I’m thinking I’m going to need some of that in my life very soon. Another thing that happened: Zara launched it’s home collection. I might be obsessed. It’s modern, affordable and just a click away from being in my home.

Also, I lost my glasses. WTF! I thought I’d be okay without them. But it’s been only a day and I can’t handle it.


Clockwise from top left: Zara Home Vernon Tea Pot/ Urban Outfitters Hockey Mask Sock/ Zara Home Carola Candlestick/ Threshold Upstate Throw from Target/ Universal Monster Gift Set/ Tartuflanghe Black Truffle Salt from Sur La Table/ Bonlook La Marquise Glasses

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