Nesting 101: DIY Crib Sheets

Nesting 101: DIY Crib Sheets/ Let's Go Sunning

My nesting period has involved a lot of research and being crazy paranoid about chemicals. Most of that paranoia is directed towards the bedroom, which can be the most toxic room in your house. When you take into account the flame retardants, pesticides and chemical finishes, it’s just too much to put next to my baby’s soft skin (for me, anyway). BUT I had a hard time finding organic bedding that I liked (I’m very picky). So, I decided to make my own, it saved me a lot of money and gave me exactly what I was looking for.

I used organic Teagan White fabric (I’m obsessed), and a few used vintage sheets that I have collected over the years. I can’t take credit for this tutorial, I found the best one at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Home Making and think you should head over there if you want to take on this project. All you need is 2 yards of fabric (at least 45″ wide), about 2 yards of fold over elastic and a sewing machine.

Nesting 101: DIY Crib Sheets/ Let's Go Sunning

A few tips:

  • - Make sure when you measure your mattress it is completely centered
  • - Make sure all sides are the same length and are cut in a straight line. Uneven edges make for more bunching when you put the sheet on the bed
  • - When sewing the elastic, pull it as tight as you can against the sheet. You want your sheets snug!

Nesting 101: DIY Crib Sheets/ Let's Go Sunning

- Make sure you really secure the corners, it will help later so they don’t fray or split

- Wash and iron your fabric before you start the project. If using vintage sheets (if you can find them at a thrift store for a few buck, they are still a great eco friendly option) wash them twice.

Nesting 101: DIY Crib Sheets/ Let's Go Sunning

Looking for organic fabric? Check out these online stores!

Fabric Worm

Cedar House Fabrics

Birch Fabrics

Oh, My! I’m 36 Weeks!


Yes. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but life has been so weird! Since I’ve posted I had my second baby shower in San Jose, a third with my family up here! Both were so much fun! I loved seeing all my family and friends together gathered over delicious food! The third was a surprise designed to makes me as uncomfortable as possible! And I loved it!

I also found out that I’m anemic. And while I really tried to up my iron in addition to the iron supplement I was taking, my body just didn’t absorb any of it. Because I’m so close to my due date I’ve had to go in twice a week to get my iron through in IV. It’s such a bummer, I really worked on pairing my iron rich foods with vitamin C and trying to cut out things that diminish absorption, but none of it worked. Hopefully, my iron will go back to normal after I deliver and all will be well!

When I’m not fighting off exhaustion, I am obsessively organizing. It feels so good to get rid of stuff (obviously belonging to my husband) that I’ve been trying to throw out for years, And the best part is that I was able to sell most of it on craigslist and use the money to get the rest of the stuff I wanted for the baby. Yay for being thrifty!

I also have continued to workout. I lowered the intensity of my workouts but increased my frequency. I manage to walk for at least 20 minutes every day. It actually helps me feel less tired and prevents me from getting a little stir crazy.

The last of my to-do’s include:

Getting the car seat installed

Prepping some freezer meals for postpartum

Sewing some nursing infinity scarves

Organizing like a crazy person

My So. Cal Baby Shower


I flew down to San Diego this past weekend to watch my Mom graduate from school and for the first of two baby showers! It was so much fun! It was wonderful to see family and old friends. I left stocked up on tons on baby clothes, diapers and baby cuteness. My cousin, Jen, made adorable diaper cakes decorated with hair bows, sock and shoes. My Aunt went to town on decorating and it could not have turned out cuter! And as always, seeing everyone was such a treat! SO happy! :)



babyshower6 babyshower5



On my way to San Diego with a cinnamon roll and a coffee! It seems no matter how grumpy I am, a pastry always makes it better. There is something super calming about flying, especially on such a short flight. I’m also a spoiled brat and only like to fly on Virgin America, so I feel like I’m fancy.

OMG they are passing out ice cream! So I’m cutting this post short.

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks


Holy crap! I think my belly grew 50% in the past two weeks.  I can tell it’s getting pretty cramped in there, my stomach has been moving like I have a medium sized xenomorph trying to burst out of it. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty creepy.

Last weekend was spent making crib sheets and blankets for the baby. I HAD to clear out some of my fabric stash. It was out of control! And slowly we are weeding out stuff we don’t need. I feel like we still have so much time, but I also know that time will fly by and all of a sudden I will have a newborn and crazy mess in my house.

I’ve been very whiny the past couple of weeks. I have crazy rib pain, it’s seriously the worst. And I have come to the realization that I am going to surpass my goal weight. While I have been pretty active throughout my pregnancy, I have also been eating more Mexican food than usual and binging on cereal (that’s something you can binge on, right?). Right now, I’ve gained about 25 pounds, which leaves me 10 pounds until I hit the upper limit of the recommended 25-35 pound weight gain for my size. I’m not too stressed about it, but reigning in the fast food and sweets will hopefully not put me too far over.

My workouts have gotten harder. When running or walking too fast I can feel the baby bouncing off my bladder, which is crazy uncomfortable. So I have decreased my speed and started to incorporate the stationary bike. I figured now is the time for low impact cardio and building up more muscle. I am obsessed with To The Sea, it is a great blog with great tips on staying active and workout plans from a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and all-around awesome looking mom.

The next week I get to travel down to So. Cal for a baby shower and then one up here the following weekend! I have a busy couple of weeks in store, but hopefully I can travel and get some serious shit done!

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