Rivet + Sway


It’s the time of year to start hunting for new glasses again! In the past, I’ve tried Warby Parker and Bonlook (I still love my Honeybadgers), but I need a second pair for everyday use, so I thought I would try something new. So I’m trying Rivet and Sway! I’m a sucker for the “at home try-on” options, so R+S was perfect, also all their frames start at $169 (thats with RX).

Years ago, I bought a pair of Burberry specs and LOVED them but when my RX changed, the optometrist told me it would be $300+ to keep my frames and change out the lenses. HUGE FAIL. So, eff that, right? I love companies like these, because it gives you the ability to change out your frames at such a low cost. I do have a hard time finding the perfect frames, so I like that you get to chose 5 to try-on at home. rivetandsawy3

Rivet and Sway is a little bit different than Warby Parker and Bonlook because they are geared towards women. With the other two brands I had difficulty finding frames that fit the width of my head, which is on the narrower side. Every pair of Rivet and Sway frames fit perfectly! I haven’t decided on which frames I’m going with yet, but I’m really excited about this company (as you can tell)!


Finally, A Clean Kitchen!

cleankitchenI am finally done! It only took me a week and half, but my kitchen is clean! And not just regular clean, like, deeply cleaned. Being 7 months prego made it kind of hard to keep my energy up, so I did it in little segments. Our kitchen was always a point on chaos in our apartment, it’s small, has limited cabinet space and we could just never figure out a good flow. Last month I took the time to sit down and make a list of everything that bothered me in the kitchen and that could have been organized better, and then wrote down a handful of solutions to take into consideration when cleaning.


Two of the biggest problems I had was with our pantry cabinet (our food was always falling out when we opened it) and our dishes (which were old, cheap and full of scratches). The cabinet problem was solved by throwing out expired food. We had a lot of expired sauces and marinades, mostly gifts from my Grandma, that we had never used. I organized the food into how far I would have to reach to use it. Cake mixes went to the top shelf where I would need a stool to reach and breads, chips and cereal stayed in arms reach.

I took out everything from the shelves wiped them down, cleaned whatever that I put back in and donated anything that I don’t use. When I got to the dishes, my original plan was to get new dishes, beautiful Heath dishes, that are super expensive but locally made and sustainable. But we have perfectly fine dishes that we got at Ikea 5 years ago, they aren’t ugly, they are just scratched and it really, really irked me. BUT it’s more sustainable to use what I have than to consume more, so I figured I’d try to get rid of the marks. Here are some things I tried:

Baking soda – Did absolutely nothing.

Cream of Tartar – Worked pretty well, got rid of a majority of the scratches but took a lot of elbow grease and might work better on lightly scratched dishes.

Barkeeper’s Friend – Is the best thing ever. I resisted because I felt like it was too chemical-y. But I sprinkled it on my dishes, gave them a light scrub and they were as good as new. The best part, is that a whole can of it only ran me $2 at Target. It’s a must have!


One of my favorite site for cleaning reference is Clean My Space. It super helps with small tips for cleaning everything from coffee makers to fridges. It was super helpful in cleaning and reorganizing my gross kitchen. Now it’s sparkly and organized and hopefully will stay that way!


Playing Happy Homemaker


I am meticulously organizing my kitchen. So I have had no time for blogging. Am I going a little overboard? Absolutely. But I figure if I don’t get it done now, it’ll never happen, so I’m trying to get it out of the way. I’m also trying out some really fun (that’s relative) ways to clean up dinnerware so they feel new and sparkly! More on that later!

Wish me luck!

Handmade Cloth Napkins

Handmade Cloth Napkins

I decided to make the switch to cloth napkins a few weeks ago to lighten up out footprint and use up some of the fabric I’ve hoarded over the years. I love Liberty of London fabric, so it was a great way to use them in a way so that they wouldn’t be hidden. I chose dark colors on one side to hide stains and a super absorbent cotton on the other side.

I didn’t do anything sassy or new when I made these. I actually followed a tutorial from Nicole’s Classes. I just doubled up the fabric and used 18×18 inch squares (for logistical reasons).

Handmade Cloth NapkinsHandmade Cloth Napkins

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