Playing Happy Homemaker


I am meticulously organizing my kitchen. So I have had no time for blogging. Am I going a little overboard? Absolutely. But I figure if I don’t get it done now, it’ll never happen, so I’m trying to get it out of the way. I’m also trying out some really fun (that’s relative) ways to clean up dinnerware so they feel new and sparkly! More on that later!

Wish me luck!

Handmade Cloth Napkins

Handmade Cloth Napkins

I decided to make the switch to cloth napkins a few weeks ago to lighten up out footprint and use up some of the fabric I’ve hoarded over the years. I love Liberty of London fabric, so it was a great way to use them in a way so that they wouldn’t be hidden. I chose dark colors on one side to hide stains and a super absorbent cotton on the other side.

I didn’t do anything sassy or new when I made these. I actually followed a tutorial from Nicole’s Classes. I just doubled up the fabric and used 18×18 inch squares (for logistical reasons).

Handmade Cloth NapkinsHandmade Cloth Napkins

ASOS Maternity


There aren’t a lot of really cute maternity clothes out there. I find a lot of basics at places like Target, Gap, Old Navy and Motherhood, but when you want to feel cute, I find ASOS consistently has clothes that don’t make you look like a blob. I will say, the first time I ordered from them I was thrown off by their sizes. Their sizes are in UK so you have to careful when you are ordering. They also run out of the smaller sizes very quickly, which is a huge bummer.

I do like that they are very affordable and have great sales! No, you don’t get to try it on before you buy, but returning it super easy!

Where are your go-to maternity shopping spots?


Top Row: (Left to right) Isabella Oliver Pencil Skirt, ASOS Skater Dress with Belt, ASOS Wrap Floral Skater Dress, ASOS Maxi Large Floral Maxi

Bottom Row: (left to right) Mama.licious Stripe Dress, Isabella Oliver Zip Front Tunic Dress, Mama.licious Printed Top Gather Dress, New Look Lace Sleeve Sweathshirt

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks


The past few weeks have just flown by! I figured now is as good a time as any to get my house in order. My bedroom (now that furniture is placed) is on the back burner for a hot second, while I deal with the mess that is my kitchen. I started saturday and ended up not finishing. SF Sketchfest is in town, so comedy shows took priority. I will say, that we attended a show on Friday night at the Marine’s Memorial Theater and by the end of the two hours, I thought I was going to pass out my back hurt so bad. It was the weirdest feeling. I blame myself, for not making it to yoga for the past few weeks.

Working out has been a challenge. When training for the half marathon, I focused a lot on running and let my weight lifting fall to the wayside. So this week, when I started incorporating weights back into my routine, it was a bit of a struggle. And these aren’t very heavy weights. Like 8 and 5 pound weights. Weak. I haven’t been running since the half marathon either, but I have been walking. The bigger I get, the more I have to push myself to actually get up and do something. The reward of feeling so great afterwards feels so distant when you are so tired. BUT I’m still making time to get it done! Yay for health!

Sunday Funday: 5 Things I Love…



I seriously love this show. I love the characters, I adore the writing. Jonathan Groff’s character, Patrick is so naive and so awkward, it’s so endearing and identifiable. Another bonus: It’s filmed in the city! Not just the exteriors and then the interiors in Canada, but all in the city! A lot of people are comparing it to Girls (which it shouldn’t be), but if you had to make me choose I’d take Looking over Girls anyday. Love it!


Three Twins Ice Cream

I can’t get enough of the Sea Salt Caramel Organic Ice Cream from Three Twins. It’s local, organic and delish!


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the Grammys

By now you’ve either watched the performance live or have seen it on Youtube, but it makes me heart so happy I have to repost it.


Pizzeria Delphina

My friends and I had dinner in their Burlingame location on Tuesday. It was so good! We had the burratta crostini, spicy cauliflower, the broccoli raab pizza and a super yummy mushroom pizza that was on special. All of it was delightful! We finished with gelato on a brioche bun. It was like a gelato burger and I could have three of them.


Cheerios are now GMO free!

I eat Cheerios often, even when they did have GMO ingredients. I’ve tried off brands or different versions and it’s just not the same. I like my cheerios, I like them at all times of the day. Sometimes, it’s just a night where cereal is a perfectly acceptable dinner. The fact they are now GMO free just makes me feel better about eating them. They really didn’t have to change too many ingredients and it was a really smart marketing move, though the non-GMO status doesn’t reach to any other cereal than the original cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios and all of the other yummy flavors remain unchanged.

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