beach house

Surf Inspired Decor

Growing up, my grandparents had a beach house that we used to spend a lot of summers at. After they sold it, years and years ago, I always thought I’d manage some day to buy it back. Then I’d be able to decorate it how I wanted and hang out at the beach and surf and sleep all day and I would get sand on the deck all day long. My beach house would be cool like that. I still have not come to terms that I am NOT a millionaire and this might not happen. It will happen.

Oddly enough, what you see above is a WAY more polished version of what I had always dreamed of. I used to love the beach houses that had milk cartons used as side tables and  surf boards laying all over the place, cool random things found on overseas surf trips.  This seemed really cool…..when I was 15.  I’d like to think I’ve matured (maybe) since then. I love the clashing patterns and how laid back it feels. What I love most is that it feels global and eclectic.

Now, all I need is about 4 million dollars and we’re ready to go.


Clockwise from top right:

Pendleton Blankets/ Single Fin Longboard/ Vintage Board/ Urban Outfitters Genevieve Side Table/ West Elm Wood Knot Table Lamp/ West Elm ZigZag Floor Pouf/ Urban OUtfitters Ikat Rug/ CB2 Parlour Oatmeal Chair/ Urban Outfitters Tufted Stripes Pillow/ Surf Tribe Print/ Surf Afternoon Print

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