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DIY: Chalkboard Skulls

I never really planned on sharing this project, mostly, because I have done a lot with chalkboard paint and didn’t want to wear it out. BUT I really do love the way it turned out and thought maybe someone would appreciate it. I bought these skulls at Beverley’s in September and had no idea what to do with them. I liked the way they looked just as plain cardboard, but I can never just leave something alone. So I covered it in chalkboard paint and drew on it. It was super easy. I looked a lot of sugar skull designs and copied those. I have three hung in a row and I love it! It took about 20 minutes and looks different!


DIY: Faux Fall Pumpkins

A few years back, my cousin gave me a bunch of her amazing Halloween decorations, but  these pumpkins didn’t hold up will in the back of my closet. They were scratched and peeling so I decided to give them a bit of a makeover! I decided to go with chalkboard paint and ivory so that I could use them through Thanksgiving, and still keep them up for Halloween.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Foam Pumpkins


Paint Brush

Twine (or yard)

Glue Gun

Step One: Prime your pumpkin. I used white acrylic paint and gave it two coats. I suggest grabbing your pumpkins from a thrift store, they are less expensive than at a craft or Halloween store.

Step Two: After your primer dries paint your entire pumpkin with your chosen color. I did two coats of the chalk board and one coat of ivory. Make sure you include the stems.

Step Three: Gather your supplies for the stem. I took a piece of burlap and pulled it apart.

Step Four: Using your glue gun, wrap the step with the twine, securing all the way to the top. Once at the top, wrap your way back down the stem.

And there you go! Super easy, however time consuming. This is a good project to start while you have something else going on, otherwise you will be sitting around, literally, waiting for paint to dry.

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