Hitting the Gym

I’ve been working out a long time. I was raised in a house where we played sports and my parents worked out. Recently, I left my favorite work out pants at home (400 miles) and my running shoes gave out. I figured I had Soffe shorts left over from high school (9+ years ago)  and I could manage until my shopping goal was over. Um, no. Maybe I’m a creature of habit, but one thing different in my routine and I can’t manage. Here are some things I try to stick with to make my workout easier.

Leggings: I love capri leggings to work out in. I super love the Nike Legend Capris and the Zella Live In Capris. The Soffe shorts I used to work out in ride up and when doing some exercises, I’m pretty sure everyone could see everything. So it makes me much more comfortable in leggings. When shopping for leggings aim for a flat banded top, not and elastic banded.A good pair hugs you, but isn’t too tight.

Cheap Racerback Tank Tops: I usually wear American Apparel Racerback Tanks, but I lucked out on a trip to Forever 21 and stocked up on similar tanks for under $6.

Solid Shoes: I wore old cheer shoes for years to exercise in. What an idiot I was. Right now I’m loving the Nike Free Running Shoes. Be aware they last for about 150 miles, so if you are an avid runner or and want to keep your cost down, these might not be the shoes for you. Mine lasted quite a while, but when they are done, you know it.

Athletic Socks: For the longest time I wore gross socks to the gym. Socks with holes in the heel or toe, sometimes even socks that were too big. It just ended up irritating me and made my gym experience less enjoyable. It was an easy fix to get athletic socks, they aren’t too expensive and they make a huge difference. I like the one that hug your foot. Under Armour makes the BEST socks ever.

Quality Sports Bra: This might be a given, but what you probably don’t realize is that most sports bras really last for about 6 months to a year, depending on how often you wash it. They say 72 washes is the magic number, but you’ll know when the elasticity starts to wear that it’s time for a new bra. I used to get my sports bras at Target, but ditched those when I was spending more money replacing them. I also aim to have 3-4 sports bras in rotation so I don’t have to wash one everyday. My faves are the Under Armour Essential Seamless Bra and the Nike Pro Sports Bra.

Water Bobble: I love this water bottle. I used to use a water bottle with an open top and would attempt to run and drink out of it at the same time. It was stupid, I looked really dumb. This water bottle is amazing.

Good Tunes: Has a bad playlist ever ruined your workout? I update mine regularly and switch between types of music and podcasts. I published a  Let’s Go Sunning Work Out Playlist on Spotify if you wanted to check it out

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