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Copycat: Jennifer Lawrence’s Up do

I know, I know the Oscars were last Sunday and, in the blogosphere, I am super late on this, but Jennifer Lawrence (who, I think needs to be my best friend) had the most amazing up do! I generally don’t get into award season, but I had to give it a try. It was so loose and elegant, but still really structured, all the things that make a great up do! Not gonna lie, this one took me a few times and when it came down to it, all the difference was in the backcombing. If I did it again, I might curl my hair first, but I was looking to simplify.

Step One: Gather the top section of hair, in a horseshoe shape. Back comb, liberally. Just when you think you’ve gone too far, just add a little more.

Step Two: Lightly run your fingers over the top to break up the backcombing and give a piecey look. Pin top section right below the crown, leaving some lift in the front.

Step Three: Take a small 1 inch section from either side of your head, Twist and cross in the back, covering your bobby pins near the crown. Pin in place. Move down in 1 inch sections, pulling towards the crown and criss-crossing all sections as you pin to give a braided effect.

Step Four: Pull remaining hair back into a ponytail, using a small elastic, (not a full blown rubberband) and backcomb. When pulling hair into ponytail, lean your head back, this will help with keeping the bottom of your ponytail tight. Unlike before, backcomb until you have nothing left to backcomb, we are talking poof ball, as much as possible!

Step Five: Take poof ball ponytail and twist into a bun and pin securely to the nape of your neck. Hair pin as needed.

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Tutorial: Boho Updo

It’s been warm here in San Francisco, so I figured it was a good excuse for a casual up do. This style is nice for when you are feeling particularly lazy, probably best for second day hair. If you are feeling fancy, you could curl your hair before hand, but I didn’t. Because (as I mentioned) I’m lazy.

Step One: Start by taking the top section of your hair in a horse shoe shape around your crown and clip it up.

Step Two: Take your head scarf and wrap around your head, tie on the top.

Step Three: Split your hair into three sections.

Step Four: Take the center section and wrap it around your hand to create a loop. Pull the loop over the top of where your head scarf lies and pin.

Step Five: Continue pinning your hair in section until all hair is pinned up, with the exception of a few strands around your face.

Step Six: Take your top section, create one loop to pin loosely so your hair falls over the head scarf and pin.

Enjoy xoxo

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