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DIY: Scary Stories Mirror

Did you ever read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Well, I did. I might have been obsessed. The illustrations gave me nightmares, and the stores made me wary on anything that seemed dangerous. It taught you things like, if you see a toe in your garden, don’t eat it. If a guy offers you two hundred dollars to stay in a haunted house over night, most likely, body parts will be falling out of the chimney.

Recently, the Scary Stories books celebrated it’s 30th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion they replaced all of the amazing, nightmare inducing illustrations drawn by Stephen Gammell. A bummer. So, to celebrate him and scare myself (because that’s what Halloween is all about) I made this.

The picture is a little rough to see, I could only catch only the mirror angle or the illustration angle, but I love it! You don’t even know that creepy lady is there until you get close! It took two minutes to spray, I let it dry for an hour and I was good to go! Easy peasy!

What you’ll need: An old frame/ Windex/ An image of a scary person (I scanned a picture from my Scary Stories book)/ Looking-glass paint

Step One: Take the glass out of your frame and give it a light spritz of Windex.  Then cover with a light coat of looking-glass paint. Let dry. Repeat until mirror is desired opacity.

Step Two: Reassemble your mirror. If you need your picture to be more visible, take a little bit of nail polish remover on a paper towel and lightly dab.

xoxo Enjoy those night mares you’ll be having.


DIY: Hang Your Fangs

I’m still so excited that it’s October right now! I have been on a decorating mission. I’ve had a few things up since the beginning of last week, but this week, all bets are off. I am in full Halloween mode.

I made this banner a few weeks ago. I love banners, but I get frustrated when they look cheap or are too fancy. You know, when it has sassy ribbon or ric rac? I don’t dig it.  This one I feel is the perfect solution, it’s pretty understated. It makes me feel better having it up in September that you almost don’t notice it is supposed to be fangs.

What you’ll need: Fabric/ Needle and thread/ Scissors/Fabric marker or pencil/ Yarn or twine/ Banner Template

Step One: Cut out your template pieces.

Step Two: Iron out your fabric and place template pieces on top, trace around them and cut out. This should leave you with 14 triangle pieces and 4 fang pieces.

Step Three: Sew two pieces together leaving the top open.

Step Four: Turn your pieces inside out and iron. Admire how nice they look. I personally put them in a neat little stack and felt smug about it for a minute or two.

Step Five: Tack your corners in. This doesn’t need to be pretty, no one will see it.

Step Six: Fold over your pieces about and inch from the top, iron it down to create a crease. Sew along the edge. to create a little tunnel for your yarn to be fed through.

Step Seven: String your banner on your tarn or twine, or thread or lace or what-have-you. I pained the fang tips of mine red, but that is totally up to you.


xoxo enjoy!

DIY: Faux Fall Pumpkins

A few years back, my cousin gave me a bunch of her amazing Halloween decorations, but  these pumpkins didn’t hold up will in the back of my closet. They were scratched and peeling so I decided to give them a bit of a makeover! I decided to go with chalkboard paint and ivory so that I could use them through Thanksgiving, and still keep them up for Halloween.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Foam Pumpkins


Paint Brush

Twine (or yard)

Glue Gun

Step One: Prime your pumpkin. I used white acrylic paint and gave it two coats. I suggest grabbing your pumpkins from a thrift store, they are less expensive than at a craft or Halloween store.

Step Two: After your primer dries paint your entire pumpkin with your chosen color. I did two coats of the chalk board and one coat of ivory. Make sure you include the stems.

Step Three: Gather your supplies for the stem. I took a piece of burlap and pulled it apart.

Step Four: Using your glue gun, wrap the step with the twine, securing all the way to the top. Once at the top, wrap your way back down the stem.

And there you go! Super easy, however time consuming. This is a good project to start while you have something else going on, otherwise you will be sitting around, literally, waiting for paint to dry.

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