DIY: Knitted Candle Cozy

Christmas season is in full swing! This project is relatively easy if you are knitter. If, not, it’s never too late to learn something new. Or you can cut up an old sweater sleeve and wrap it around a hurricane glass. Either way, I love the way the light get diffused, it really has a nice cozy glow!

If you aren’t a knitter and want to get into it, I suggest heading over to the Purl Bee, they have great tutorials that are simple to understand and well designed. They also have a store in Soho that I went to a few weeks back and I totally geeked out on yarn….because I’m a nerd like that.

What you’ll need: Yarn, Knitting needles, a glass hurricane or a jarred candle.

Cast on 16 stitches.

Row One: Knit one row

Row Two: k1, yo1 *repeat til end* k1

Row Three: p1, p2tog “repeat til end* p1

Repeat steps two and three until it is large enough to wrap around you hurricane. Knit one last row and bind off,

If you want to make this wider, add stitches in groups of 4.

Use some extra yarn to weave the two ends together and tie into a knot. Slip over the top or bottom of your candle making sure that the flame can’t reach it. I was a little bit careless and quickly slipped mine over a candle that was already burning, I singed it a bit and because I used mohair yarn I had the smell of burnt hair in my house for 30 minutes. It was pretty gross, not gonna lie.

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