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The Past Week Via Instagram

I might have just had the best week ever. Well, maybe more like 9 or 10 days, but that’s a weird number. Last Saturday my friend Anita and I attended the San Francisco Color Run, which was AMAZING! Not to mention the few days leading up to it were so much fun, I was  pretty sure we had bought out all of Targets neon socks, until we got to the event and realized everyone was wearing the same ones. It was, for sure, the best time I’ve ever had at 8am.

Following the Color Run we attended our friend Mindy’s bachelorette. We went bowling at the Mission Bowling Club, and I lost horribly. I’d like to believe all of my athletic ability was spent in the morning running a 5k and dancing. We did other fun/hilarious things, but we are taking those to the grave. Wow, that sounds like we murdered someone…you’ll never know, though.

Our vacation to Disneyland was so much fun! We road tripped down there on Tuesday and spent Wednesday shopping and eating. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

I love Disneyland a lot. But, this time might have been the best trip I’ve ever had. Thanks to Cars Land opening at California Adventure, Disneyland was empty. The longest line we waited in was 40 minutes for Splash Mountain. During the summer, that is unheard of. We also had a lovely dinner at Blue Bayou, which I am obsessed with. It all in all was a perfect day.

After our trip to Disneyland we had a BBQ at my parents house and we blew up an inflatable pool. We lounged in the sun and played corn hole all day, which I lost horribly at.  I’d like to believe all of my athletic ability was spent the week before running a 5k. I am just going to keep using this excuse every time I suck at something.

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