newgate wall clock

November Wish List


By this time of year, I already have a long list of holiday decorations I have been coveting, but this year is a little bit different. After 4 years and two apartments, my couch is a goner. It’s been looking rather horrid for the past year, but an incident involving glitter sealed the deal! I ordered a new couch through a place called Build A Sofa and am super excited to get it delivered in a few weeks. Now that I have one new piece of furniture coming I can’t stop thinking of new things that would look great in my home. Next on the list is, for sure, an Eames Rocker, but I threw some comfy looking PJ’s in there for good measure.


Clockwise from top left:  Urban Outfitters Medallion Jewelry Stand/ CB2 Varanasi Stool/ West Elm Newgate Wall ClockTarget Thermal Stripe PJ’s/ Modernica Fiberglass Chair

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