{Inspiration} Shared Nursery Storage

Now that I have the bulk of the furniture in my new shared nursery/bedroom (as you can see here), one of the details I have to workout is being smart with my storage options. These might not being the most practical options for my particular space, but I love how simple and clean they all look. I especially like the storage bins underneath the shelves.

Over the years I have collected way too many books to and need to figure out that situation stat. At the time I was thinking, “oh, this would be great for my future child.” My heart was in the right place, but man, I didn’t need to hoard Little Golden’s like they were going out of print. I’m such a newb.

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{Inspiration} Entry Organization

My home is an ongoing area of improvement, especially in the organization department. In an attempt to cut down on cleaning we have been taking out shoes off at the door. It helps so much on hardwood floors to not be tracking the disgusting streets of San Francisco all throughout your house. After making some minor tweaks, our entry is almost perfect.

All I need is something to sit on to make taking off and putting on shoes easier and a prettier solution for storage. Right now, our shoes are in a decorative basket, but Tom’s boots are scattered around it, because they don’t fit. I’m thinking of trying out this DIY leather stool and working on some shoe storage to go with it. Bu,t I love some of these long benches and shoe racks I’m seeing.





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Accepting the Mess


I love to pin beautiful, organized spaces, but every time I do, my heart sinks a little. Yes, I would love the color coordinated closet, with a section just for hats (even though, I don’t wear any) and a pantry of organized noodles and cereals in pretty containers. The key element in these beautiful, organized spaces is the space. Well, and time and energy, but who has that either?

I look at these McMansions (to me, anything more than 900 square feet qualifies), and it makes me feel inadequate. Especially as a blogger, the feeling that my home should be perfectly sorted and staged at all moments is slightly depressing. My home will never be clutter free, especially the places that I spend the most time. I’d like to think that one day, when I live in my 1300 square foot McMansion I would have an actual pantry where cereal boxes fit and a closet that actually fits both my husbands clothes and maybe just half of my dresses. A place where I can store all the fabric I’ve hoarded over the years or Christmas decorations that have been spilling out of their boxed for the past few years.


For now, I’m just going to accept my messy home and post some of it, so hopefully you can feel better about your clutter. How do you deal with ongoing clutter in your home?

Focusing your House


A lot of times I get really frustrated reading blogs like Apartment Therapy or Design Sponge, because every home featured is immaculate. Obviously, I know there was frantic amounts of cleaning done before these pictures were taken, but I still can’t help but feel that pang of jealousy. I have tried and tried to rearrange my house, I follow the organization guides, but I still run into the same problems.

In an attempt to get my house together, I’ve decided to tackle my house with a more personalized approach.

A few weeks ago I overheard a woman telling a friend that she keeps her laundry in two baskets, one clean, one dirty, that way she never has to put clothes away and she knows where to find everything. At first, I thought, that is crazy, but after assessing my laundry situation, I realized she had something. Two baskets might not be my ideal situation but it works for her and she seemed thrilled.

I always felt like there were rules to follow in home organization, but instead, maybe it’s more personal than I realized, there is no right way or wrong way, just what works for you?

I am going room by room in my house, and assessing my habits and needs. Asking myself what is the root of this problem?

How do you organize your home? What are your biggest challenges?

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