Pinterest Faves for July

It’s been so long since I did a Pinterest post, but I decided to start doing them again, because, I just like them. I like being inspired and sharing that inspiration with other people. Tom is so sick of me showing him random image via the internets and I really can’t see you roll your eyes at me, so Pinterest posts are a GO!


I tried this Thai Quinoa Salad this past weekend. It was amazing.


I might be obsessed with this vignette. Put together so nicely


I’d like to think of this as my personal motto.


Everything about this leather daybed is amazing.


This concrete counter DIY is inexpensive, practical and looks amazing.




I love how cozy this room looks. I love the linen and yellow

Pinterest Faves For December

Pinterest Faves for Dec

I can’t believe December has already passed. Last month I didn’t get around to this post and I’ve been holed up in my house playing video games since Christmas, so I’m a little late on this one.  I keep thinking I’ll taper off on Pinterest and lose interest, but it has now been a full year since I’ve been using it and I still love it! So without further ado, here are my faves from last month.

Clockwise from top left:

1. I love this print from This Paper Ship! I love everything about it, but what I love more is that 90% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. You buy the print here.

2.The Winter Cabin Collection is a really cool project by Mary Kate McDevitt, Man Vs. Ink, and Wanderlust Vintage. The result is a vintage wood cabin vibe with amazing type and quality fabrics. I am in love.

3. I love this studio tour of Sarah Sherman Samuel‘s workspace. I am completely jealous.

4. A fun publicity shot. They shot Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein and Mr. Peabody and The Mermaid at the same time, what resulted, was this amazingness.

5. Can this room get any better? The sign was a decommissioned from a Georgia route and that trunk can’t get any more amazing. Check out the whole house tour here.

6. I love this snack. It’s so fatty and delicious.


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