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Tutorial: Retro Braided Up-Do

This is one of my favorite go-to hairstyles. It’s quick, holds up for dancing, I don’t have to curl my hair beforehand and it looks good messy. I don’t think you can have any more pluses than that, at least in my book anyway.

I highly suggest using small poly-bands as opposed to standard elastic hair ties, they are too big and will effect the outcome of your hairstyle. Usually if you are copying a hairstyle at home and it’s not turning out right, it’s a good chance it’s the tools you are using. They are super cheap and very versatile, so I’d grab some at your next trip to Wal-greens.

What you’ll need:

Hair Pins

Bobby Pins

Small elastics


Step One: Take your first section of hair. The part will run from the middle of your ears to the other. Clip up the top and divide the section into two parts. Braid and tie off with two mini elastics.

Step Two: Twist each braid up and randomly pin to your head. I loop mine twice and then twist into a figure 8, then use 3 pins on each braid to secure. You want this to be the tightest section. Try not to look down while doing this part, you will end up with a weird dumpy neckline, so look straight ahead.

Step Three: The next section of hair will run along the edge of your crown in a horseshoe shape. Clip hair on top of your head. Run your finger behind your ear to your part and clip away the front sections of your hair, you will incorporate this later (I would suggest making your section cleaner than mine, I got a little sloppy).

Step Four: Separate your back section into three and braid each. Loop and twist these sections and secure to your head as you did with the previous section. Use as many hair pins as you need. I swear I had 20 in my hair.

Step Five: The hard part is behind you! Let the top section down. Take a section at your crown and back comb evenly (I did about 7 strokes in two sections).  Take your  top and side sections and sweep them back, figure out how you want your hair lay on the sides, when your happy with how it looks loosely braid the top and side sections, roll and twist the top braid and secure. Make sure to keep the volume at your crown you created with the back combing.

Step Six: Finish with some hair spray and use hair pins to hide any strays. I pulled some hair out and let it fall around my face for a safter look, but what you do with the front is up to you.



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